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Benny CARTER - American Swinging in Paris (1938-1938)

Benny CARTER - American Swinging in Paris (1938-1938)


Benny Carter was a gentle giant and can arguably considered one of the most influential jazzmen in history. Although his alto playing brought him the most acclaim, his skill in composing and arranging straight ahead jazz music is unparalleled in history. The class, style, and mild mannered, humble demeanor of Benny Carter helped make a lady out of a once frowned upon and forbidden music, jazz.
His time in France was particularly fruitful and he made a number of excellent recordings at this time, with George Johnson, Willie Lewis, Coleman Hawkins, Stéphane Grapelli, Django Reinhardt, Alix Combelle and André Ekyan.
He can be heard with Coleman Hawkins on two numbers here, "Honeysuckle Rose" and "Crazy Rhythm", which feature a sequence of solos rarely equalled since. They also produced superb improvisations - Carter on trumpet and Hawkins on clarinet- on "Out Of Nowhere".
By Alain-Guy Aknin and Philippe Crocq.
Benny Carter- Trumpet (2,3,5-12), Alto Sax (1, 4-12)
Coleman Hawkins- Tenor Sax  (1-4)
André Ekyan- Alto Sax (1-4)
Stéphane Grapelli- Piano (1-4)
Eugène d'Hellemmes- Bass (1-4)
Tommy Benford- Drums (1-4)
Django Reinhardt- Guitar (1-7)
Alix Combelle- Tenor Sax (1,4-7), Clarinet (2,3)
Fletcher Allen- Alto Sax (5-7)
Bertie King- Tenor Sax (5-7), Clarinet (5-7)
York De Souza- Piano (5-7)
Len Harrison- Bass (5-7)
Robert Mommarché- Drums (5-7)
Willie Lewis- Alto Sax (8-12), Vocals (8-12)
George Johnson- Alto Sax (8-12)
Joe Hayman- Tenor Sax (8-12)
Charles 'Coco' Kiehn- Tenor Sax (8-12)
Bobby Martin- Trumpet (8-12), Vocals (8-12)
Alex Renard- Trumpet (8-12)
Herman Chittison- Piano (8-12), Cello (8-12)
June Cole- Bass (8-12)
Ted Fields- Drums (8-12)
John Mitchell- Guitar (8-12)
Tracks 1-4: Recorded in Paris on April 28, 1937 (Coleman Hawkins & His All Stars Jam Band)
Tracks 5-7: Recorded in Paris on March 7, 1938 (Benny Carter & His Orchestra)
Tracks 8-12: Recorded in Paris on January 17, 1936 (Willie Lewis & His Entertainers)
01. Crazy Rhythm (Caesar, Kahn, Meyer) 2:59
02. Out Of Nowhere (Heyman, Green) 3:16
03. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Pinkard, Casey) 2:59
04. Honeysuckle Rose (Waller, Razaf) 2:44
05. I'm Coming Virginia (Heywood, Cook, Will) 3:01
06. Blue Light Blues (Ellington) 3:05
07. Farewell Blues (Mares, Roppolo, Schoebel) 3:17
08. I've Got A Feeling, You're Fooling (Waller, Razaf) 3:18
09. Stay Out Of Love (Gerlach, Fremiere) 3:15
10. All Of Me (Simmons, Marks) 3:15
11. Star Dust (Carmichael) 3:12
12. Just A Mood (Carter) 3:27

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