Friday, January 22, 2010

Marshall Tucker Band - Searchin´ For A Rainbow 1975

Marshall Tucker Band - Searchin´ For A Rainbow 1975
CP 0161


The Marshall Tucker Band is a really interesting bunch of musicians. No one blends country and rock together quite like these guys. The title song rules even though it reminds me of Bob Dylan's "Black Diamond Bay". Throw in some highly memorable vocal work and the occasional touches of violin and guitar playing and you have yourself a great band. While I would have preferred some more jamming on the record (because I KNOW these guys can jam like no other) I can't complain about the quality of the musicianship.
By B. E Jackson.
Old West dreams meet Southern memories in the tracks of Searchin’ for a Rainbow, The Marshall Tucker Band’s fourth album. Released in 1975, this song collection found the group refining its multi-faceted sound into an appealing country-rock essence. Still present were the jazz and blues-based elements that had always made Marshall Tucker a distinctive unit. By dressing up their music in Western garb, the band found a way to reach a huge new audience—all it took was a little Fire On The Mountain to light the way. We’d found a bit more direction on how to design songs for a record, says lead singer Doug Gray. Our record company Capricorn had always said, ‘Try to give us something that would work on the radio.’ We tried to do that, and at the same time please each other. We were known as a jamming band. This was the first time we really tried to give them Marshall Tucker’s interpretation of what a hit song was. Helping to spur things on was Fire On The Mountain, the lead track off Searchin’ for a Rainbow. Released as a single in the fall of ’75, the tune reached #38 on the pop charts. A vivid, Old West, lyric-storyline combined with bluegrass-tinged instrumental licks and an ear-grabbing chorus brought Marshall Tucker its first Top 40 hit.
Toy Caldwell- (Guitar, Vocals)
Tom Caldwell- (Bass)
Doug Gray- (Vocals, Percussion)
Jerry Eubanks- Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards, Vocals)
George McCorkle- (Guitar, Banjo)
Paul Riddle- (Drums)
A1. Fire On The Mountain 3:53
A2. Searchin' For A Rainbow 3:48
A3. Walkin' And Talkin' 2:25
A4. Virginia 4:54
B1. Bob Away My Blues 2:42
B2. Keeps Me From All Wrong 4:13
B3. Bound And Determined 4:20
B4. Can't You See 6:25

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