Friday, January 29, 2010

Jimi HENDRIX - (1967-1970) Dvd

Jimi HENDRIX - (1967-1970)  Dvd


Covering the years 1967 through 1970, the final installment of the three-part documentary series Jimi Hendrix: Movie allows viewers a glimpse into the culmination of Hendrix's remarkable musical career. The counterculture era was peaking, producing the perfect storm for Hendrix's unique music and lifestyle to flourish. But just as Hendrix's creative powers both on the stage and in the studio reached their apex, disaster struck and he was gone. Now, exclusive interviews reveal the remarkable details behind the Hendrix's untimely death, as well as the curious events surrounding it. As the spiritual message behind Hendrix's music is revealed, fans are invited to celebrate his enormous, yet tragically short-lived, musical legacy.
By Jason Buchanan.
Featuring rare Hendrix performances from film and television archives around the world, this is the definitive review of the music of Jimi Hendrix on record, on stage and on film.
Also included are rare archive interviews with Noel Redding and Hendrix himself along with the penetrating insights of leading music journalists and musicologists, making this the most comprehensive independent critical review of Jimi Hendrix ever undertaken.
Disc 2 features complete live television performances from 1969 and rare photographs
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    Thank you for this DVD of Jimi ... let's see how it is.