Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Abdullah IBRAHIM (Dollar Brand) - African Breeze 1974

Abdullah IBRAHIM (Dollar Brand) - African Breeze 1974
Recorded live at Tokyo, Yuhbin Chokin-Hall,
on the second night of Dollar Brand's first appearance in japan.


The early 1970s were the age of Brand's majestic solo albums. Ancient Africa (june 1972), one long live medley of Brand compositions, was only the appetizer. One session produced material for two albums: African Portraits (february 1973) and Sangoma (february 1973). The latter, his masterpiece, contained the three-part suite The Alone And The Wild Rose, the six-part suite Fats Duke And the Monk and the side-long three-part suite Ancient Africa. Besides the much inferior Memories (december 1973) and Ode To Duke Ellington (december 1973), the other notably solo album of the era was African Breeze (february 1974).
01. Nim Vlula (the Rain Song) (3:26)
02. Msunduza (2:10)
03. Salaam (peace) (2:05)
04. Ancient Africa (11:25)
05. Salaam (peace) (1:26)
06. Single Petal Of A Rose (1:02)
07. Come Sunday (1:40)
08. Monk From Harlem (5:13)
09. Cherry (2:38)
10. African Sun (4:20)
11. Tintinyana (6:11)

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