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Corey HARRIS - Between Midnight and Day 1995

Corey HARRIS - Between Midnight and Day 1995


Corey Harris has to be the pride of Alligator records. He has since expanded his music to all kinds of blues and Carribbean-style music and has toured with B.B. King, Ben Harper and others. He deserves to be on the front lines when Blues makes an inevitable comeback.

It is BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND DAY, however, that shows how good the stripped-down blues can be. I love the stuff he and other blues greats have done with bands, but Harris shines on this album. His voice is a pleasant mix of low-key electricity, baritone southern soul and backwoods gravel. All he needs is this beautiful vioce and a lone guitar to cut out some of the tastiest Delta blues I have heard before or since.

Harris' voice will capture you, take you to the South and give you the real tour. The music is nostolgic, perfect for back-porch listenings in the hottest dog days of August or a quiet December moment alone watching the snow fall. It makes sense for rookie and veteran blues fans to pick this one up.
By Benjamin K. Potter
01. Roots Woman     2:50  
02. Pony Blues    2:42  
03. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning    2:54  
04. Early In The Morning  2:13  
05. Feel Like Going Home  4:32  
06. I'm A Rattlesnakin' Daddy  2:20  
07. Between Midnight And Day  3:32  
08. Bukka's Jitterbug Swing  2:00  
09. Going to Brownsville aka Brownsville Blues    4:59
10. Write Me A Few Lines  2:09  
11. She Moves Me  2:09  
12. Bound To Miss Me  3:38  
13. 61 Highway    4:48  
14. Catfish Blues  2:40  
15. I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More  2:52  
16. It Hurts Me Too  3:22
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