Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guitar SHORTY With Otis GRAND - My Way Or The Highway 1991

Guitar SHORTY With Otis GRAND - My Way Or The Highway 1991


Until he joined forces with British guitarist Otis Grand's band and waxed this very credible comeback set, David "Guitar Shorty" Kearney's legacy was largely limited to a solitary single for Cobra and a handful of great but legendarily obscure followups for Los Angeles-based Pull Records during the late '50s. The acrobatic guitarist informed everyone he was alive and lively with this one, exhibiting his Guitar Slim roots on "Down Thru the Years" and slashing with a vengeance on "No Educated Woman" and the title cut (but shouldn't it have read "or the highway?").
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
David "Guitar Shorty" Kearney- (Vocals, Guitar);
Otis Grand- (Guitar);
Buzz Brown- (Harmonica);
Peter Beck- (Alto & Tenor Sax);
Mike Hobart- (baritone Sax);
Lorenzon Parry- (Trumpet);
Tony Ashton- (Hammond B-3 Organ);
Dan Quinton- (Fender Bass);
Daniel Strittmatter- (Drums).
01. No Educated Woman 5:17
02. You Gave Me The Blues Baby 5:13
03. Shorty Jumps In 5:58
04. Down Thru The Years 5:21
05. Red Hot Mama 3:16
06. Hot A Saucy, Short And Grand 5:58
07. It's Too Late 10:32
08. Kick Out 5:08
09. My Way Or The Highway 5:44

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