Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tsuyoshi YAMAMOTO Trio - Blues To East 1978

Tsuyoshi YAMAMOTO Trio - Blues To East 1978


Imagine listening to a piano trio,alone in the middle of the night as you sip your favourite drink.Tsuyoshi Yamamolo Trio offers just such a mood.Yamamoto is highly musical and his expressions nalural.neilher overly technical nor overly serious,and his performance is relaxed and melodious.
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto(p),
Tsutomu Okada(b),
Hiroshi Murakami(dr)
A1. Our Delight 4:40
A2. Love Theme From Spartacus 9:27
A3. All In Love Is Fair 2:27
B1. Love For Sale 5:45
B2. My Old Flame 5:12
B3. Blues To East 5:33

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