Saturday, January 2, 2010

Albert COLLINS - Trash Talkin' 1969

Albert COLLINS - Trash Talkin' 1969


I'm not lyin' it's not a fake
You can tell by the look on my face
Just so much a man can take
Sooner or later he's gotta break
Yes, I'm down on my bendin' knee
Weeping an' bendin' like a willow tree
A1. Harris County Line-Up   2:20
A2. Conversation With Collins   5:19
A3. Jawing   2:12
A4. Grapeland Gossip   2:50
A5. Chatterbox   2:28
A6. Trash Talkin'   4:07
B1. Medley: Baby What You Want Me to Do / Rock Me Baby   4:05
B2. Lip Service   3:18
B3. The Things I Used to Do   3:22
B4. Back-Yard Back-Talk   2:51
B5. Tongue Lashing   2:55
B6. And Then It Started Raining   2:45


  1. funny
    I was just reading something yesterday on a luthier's site that said that a Telecaster is nothing but a chopping board with a baseball bat
    and then this morning you are posting this great Albert Collins album
    Thanks man, keep up the good job

  2. well,
    in the hands of collins, baseball bat turns out to be an a.bomb....
    collins is just **Unique** Telecaster player.
    there wont´be another one like that.


  3. Any idea who the band was that plays on this on? I have the original vinyl, no credits...? Thanks!