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Yusef LATEEF with Charles MINGUS at Birdland 1961 (Flac&MP3)

Yusef LATEEF with Charles MINGUS at Birdland 1961 (Flac&MP3)
All The Credits Go  To *inconstantsol*
Charlie Mingus And His Jazz Workshop
October 21, 1961 (Live) Radio Broadcast
Birdland, New York City


This tries to clarify the seven broadcasts that were made from Birdland in New York City between October 21, 1961 and October 26, 1962. These WADO AM (1280) broadcasts were taped by Boris Rose, hence the reference to "Boris Rose tapes". He manufactured acetates from those tapes and the recordings were released on (his own?) bootleg labels such as Alto, Ozone, Session Disc and Yadeon. None of this material has been legitimately released (a hint to Revenge Records, if you still exist).

The most important audio source for this discography is an unissued "connoisseur set" on three CD-R's called "The Complete Birdland Broadcasts 1961-1962". This set includes all seven broadcasts with radio announcements and is mastered from four reels (inserts for these reels, scanned as JPEG files: Tape No. 1 (98 kb), Tape No. 2 (94 kb), Tape No. 3 (93 kb), Tape No. 4 (86 kb)) that were recorded from acetates made by Boris Rose from his original reels. I have used this set for all timings which I have measured with an audio software. The timings do not include any count-ins, introductions etc. unless there is music going on, for example under Symphony Sid's speech. The timings are as accurate as possible with -/+ 1 second marginal.

For comparisons I've also used the following releases from my own collection: "Vital Savage Horizons" (Alto AL 714), "Live At Birdland 1962" (Jazz View COD 028), "Charles Mingus" (Frequenz 044-011) and some miscellaneous sources that have accumulated over the years. For other releases I've relied on the information provided by Luigi Turrino (Tempo di jazz CDTJ 704, Musica Jazz 2 MJP 1067, Jazzman JM 11741).

The discographical data is based on Priestley's Mingus discography and has been compared to other relevant discographies such as Tom Lord's The Jazz Discography Volume 15 and Michael Fitzgerald's Henry Grimes Discography. For session artist titles I've used announcements by Pee Wee Marquette and Symphony Sid, but basically this is Charles Mingus And The Jazz Workshop All Stars all the way.

Unless you already know my email address please use the email form at the Fiasko Records website to send me corrections and additions. The reason for not putting my email address on this page is because I receive so much spam that it's difficult to cope with it even with the efficient spam filter (POPFile) I'm using. When sending corrections etc. try to be as specific as possible and cite the sources for your information (e.g. do you personally have the recording etc.).
By Esa Onttonen.
Jimmy Knepper- (Trombone)
Yusef Lateef- (Tenor Sax)
Roland Kirk- (Tenor Sax, Strich, Manzello)
Charles Mingus, Doug Watkins- (Bass)
Dannie Richmond- (Drums)
Pee Wee Marquette- (Musical Cond)
A.  [unknown title] 7:12 Alto AL 714 (BAT 5-8, Frequenz 044-011)
B.  Ecclusiastics (Mingus) 9:15 Alto AL 714 (BAT 5-8)
C.  Hog Callin' Blues (incomplete; fade-out) (Mingus) 3:08 BAT 5-8

[1] Despite Mingus's introduction the first item (track a) bears no relationship to Blue Cee (Priestley, 1983). It is possible that this composition was later recorded on November 6, 1961 for Atlantic and is one of the unissued tracks that were destroyed in the Atlantic Records vault fire in February 1978. The solo order is Kirk, Mingus, Lateef and Knepper.

[2] On Alto AL 714 all introductions by Mingus and Pee Wee Marquette have been edited away. The titles, Improvisation (track a) and Ecclestiastes (track b), are also incorrect/mistitled.

[3] On Frequenz 044-011 liner notes incorrectly claim Roland Hanna on piano and Mingus on bass. The first track (a) is also misidentified as Blue Cee.

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