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Dr.JOHN - Anutha Zone 1998

Dr.JOHN - Anutha Zone 1998


DR JOHN jets in to london to record an album along with contributions from weller , spiritualized , members of supergrass,portishead,beta band etc along with his own new american musicians.

Its clearly a publicity stunt to try and shift a few more albums and in reality the idea is more entertaining than much of the music , but ironically the best stuff here is the stuff he does with the brits in the 1st half of the album- in particular "hello god" the funky "party hellfire" and the cover of john martyns "i dont wanna know"

The doctors in good voice throughout and makes little nods to his past in "i like ki yoka" and "ki ya gris gris" which are nice , but a lot of the 2nd half is unmemorable until we get to the nicely arranged "sweet home new orleans "
Dr. John- (vocals, piano, keyboards);
Paul Weller- (vocals, guitar);
Carleen Anderson- (vocals);
Jason Pierce- (guitar, Farfisa);
Bobby Broom- (guitar, background vocals);
Gaz Coombes, Matt Deighton- (guitar);
Hugh McCracken- (acoustic guitar, slide guitar, mandolin);
Ravi- (berimbau, percussion);
Ray Moonshake- (flute, saxophone);
Ronnie Cuber- (bass clarinet, saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Shelley Woodworth- (English horn);
Lawrence Feldman- (tenor saxophone);
Alan Rubin- (trumpet, piccolo trumpet);
Tony Kadleck- (trumpet); Clark Gayton (trombone);
Little Big Horns- (brass);
Kick Horns- (horns);
Thighpaulsandra- (organ);
Steve White- (drums, percussion);
Herman V. Ernest III- (drums, sound effects, background vocals);
Clive Deamer, Damon Reece- (drums);
Sammy Figueroa- (congas, percussion);
Robin Jones , Malcolm Cross- (percussion);
Jenny Douglas, Katherine Russell, David Barard- (background vocals).
01. Zonata  0:46
02. Ki Ya Gris Gris  4:04
03. Voices in My Head  4:33
04. Hello God  4:37
05. John Gris  5:20
06. Party Hellfire  4:41
07. I Don't Wanna Know  3:23
08. Anutha Zone  3:58
09. I Like Ki Yoka  3:44
10. The Olive Tree  3:48
11. Soulful Warrior  4:09
12. The Stroke  4:15
13. Sweet Home New Orleans  5:50

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