Friday, January 22, 2010

Les McCANN - Change, Change, Change: Live At The Roxy 1977

Les McCANN - Change, Change, Change: Live At The Roxy 1977


Armed with an outboard horn section, McCann and his band cut loose at the Roxy club in West Hollywood with a furious energy that owes more to rock than at any other time in McCann's career. The gig starts off with a bang of excitement on the title track, and that streak hardly lets up throughout the record, although a couple of leisurely soul ballads let a bit of the steam out. It's also fun to hear preacher McCann toying with the crowd on "The Song of Love." Alas, the energy turns into overkill on the retooling of "North Carolina," which is far too frantically paced to permit it to groove. Guitarists Nick Kirgo and Steuart Leibig, and the drumming of Kevin Johnson, provide a lot of this rock fire; as a result, the funky side of McCann is not too much in evidence here.
By Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide.
A1. Change, Change, Change 4:31  
A2. I Don't Want to Say Goodbye to a Brother 8:45 
A3. North Carolina 5:35  
A4. The Roller 5:05 
B1. Rid of Me 7:34 
B2. I Never Thought You Would Go 6:49 
B3. The Song of Love 10:03

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