Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bob STEWART - Let's Talk About Love, Sings With the Mat Mathews Quintet 1956

Bob STEWART - Let's Talk About Love, Sings With the Mat Mathews Quintet 1956
DLP 1103


Being an old school record head, I had read up on Seeco Records several years back and was then first informed about their Dawn Records subsidiary. When I came across a used copy of "Let's Talk About Love" by Bob Stewart with the Mat Mathews Quintet (Dawn/Seeco), I was more than curious, hoping that I was purchasing one of those rare, long lost musical treasures. I was not put off by the plain black and white cover and photo. The moment the stylus dropped in the groove and Herbie Mann's flute floated through the speakers I knew I had hit the jackpot---even before Stewart's vocals had started. The true beauty of this entire album set is that neither the singer nor the group tries to go over the top with any of the songs. Each has found the perfect simplicity in each musical presentation, which allows the true vocal artistry of Stewart to totally shine again and again. There is no one song that can be named as the best; all the songs are excellent and serve as one impeccable cohesive package. Of particular note is the great recording technique of Rudy Van Gelder Studios: the microphone placement leaves the finished product sounding like it is a pure stereo recording, although it is mono. Needless to say, every singer, including myself, craves to make an exquisite recording like Bob Stewart-"Let's Talk About Love," with musicians and a recording engineer that all understand "the vision" of the project and go for it---one listen to this superb album and you'll know Stewart and company indeed grabbed the gold.
By Angelo Alexander.
Bob Stewart- Vocals
Herbie Mann- Flute, Tenor Sax
Mat Mathews- Accordion
Joe Puma- Guitar
Oscar Pettiford- Bass
Kenny Clarke- Drums
A1. Caravan 2.40
A2. Skylark 2.34
A3. Look Down That Lonesome Road 2.39
A4. If I'm Lucky 3.13
A5. Between The Devil And The Deep blue Sea 2.19
A6. Come Rain Or Come Shine 2.33
B1. When The Blues Come On 3.37
B2. Avalon 2.03
B3. Laura 2.30
B4. Moonglow 2.27
B5. It's Mine After All 3.10
B6. Blue Prelude 3.06