Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blindside Blues Band - Messenger of the Blues 1995

Blindside Blues Band - Messenger of the Blues 1995
Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, California

This band ranks highly alongside other great rockin' bands as Deep Purple,Led Zepplin,Cream,etc. This album,along with "To the Station", have not left my "stacker" since I purchased them some months back, and their first C.D. "Blindside" is taking a brief rest,after many months of listening.
The vocals & guitar of Mike Onesko are brilliant and I looove the driving bass line.
If your looking/listening to these masterpieces and they grab ya Blues soul...
or anywhere else! buy them ya wont be disapointed.
By  John Jenkin.
Michael Onesko- (Vocals, Guitar);
Scott Johnson- (Electric & Slide Guitars);
Greg Chaisson- (Bass);
Jeff Martin- (Drums).
Mike Varney- (Guitar);
Kier Staeheli- (Bass).
01. Let The Blues Do The Healing
02. True Blues
03. Crying Shame
04. Many Lessons
05. Mystery Rider
06. No Mercy
07. Lonely Road
08. No One To Trust
09. Messenger Of The Blues
10. I'm Trying

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