Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Beat Daddys - Delta Vision 2001

The Beat Daddys - Delta Vision 2001


Individual taste in music vary greatly. That is especially true with the blues where you have so many varieties it's often hard to keep track of all of the artists. Every once and awhile, I receive a recommendation from a friend that turns out to be pretty good. Such was the case with the Beat Daddys third release, Delta Vision. Having never heard of them, I pushed the newly received disc to number 400 in my changer and waited for its turn to come up. About two months later, Delta Vision came on and I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. The disc has some pretty catchy and easy to listen to tunes and I now find myself carrying a copy in my car. If you like your blues with a Southern bent, give this a listen.
01. Miss Dixie 4:08
02. Delta Vision 4:30
03. Ten Pounds Of Love 4:53
04. Telephone, Telephone 2:15
05. Luna Blue 4:40
06. Beg Borrow Steal 3:16
07. She's All That 3:40
08. After The Mystery 5:07
09. Lien On Your Love 5:34
10. Can't Be Satisfied 4:42
11. Somebody's Waiting 5:07
12. You Make It Hard 3:35
13. Reasons 4:34

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