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Zagreb Jazz Quartet - The Best Of Zagreb Jazz Quartet 1997

Zagreb Jazz Quartet - The Best Of Zagreb Jazz Quartet 1997


DAVOR KAJFES-pianist composer, and teacher-born 1934 in Zagreb, Croatia. Graduated from the city’s Academy of Music in 1964, but his professional playing experience dates back to 1957, when he began performing with the Zagreb Radio-TV Big Band. While with the big band, he composed for the worldly known Zagreb Film Company and various TV shows.

1959 - he joined the Zagreb Jazz Quartet and quickly after became its musical leader. The period that followed he toured with the quartet in Europe and the USSR. 1962 another European tour with the "American Folk-Blues Festival" as Helen Humes's accompanist and in 1997 he performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Since 1967 Davor lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

His daily work was devoted to the University College of Dance and Choreography, where he was teaching, playing, and composing for dance (modern and jazz) for more then 30-years. Additional composing and performances included the TV ballet "Balans" with W. Nicks as choreographer, and TV production "Choreographer is improvising" with P. Christopher.

Working with dance in various forms was and still is his main preoccupation, but occasionally he is returning to his lifetime passion the music of jazz, playing solo or together with his son Goran Kajfes, as well as with his contemporary jazz constellations.

From 1998 collaboration with composer/cellist Peter Schuback making music in a ”free improvisation” form. Their CD "Impositions" was released 2002 in Sweden ("Nosag").

Most important compositions: Davor's Blues, Digression, Ornaments, Boogie Balkanique, Eftertanke, Collision (1974 won the prize at the "Concours International de composition de themes de Jazz-Monaco").Played and recorded with among others with: Art Farmer, Buck Clayton, Csaba Deseö, Big Joe Turner, T-Bone Walker, Albert Mangelsdorff, Alice Babs, Svend Asmussen, Red Mitchell.

The music:Imposition 5 from the CD "Impositions" which is originally recorded in the studio at SR, for the program "Studio Onsdag".Hopefully there will be a more recent recording of the duo available in the near future. "Digression" is a "Zagreb jazz Quartet" performance live, in Heidelberg 1965. "Arnold's Orbit" is a Schönbergs inspired original recorded 2006, which will be included on the new solo CD, to be released soon. Monk's "Well you needn't is a live recording from the concert in Zagreb 2001.
01. Mrtve magle 2.36
02. Arijana 6.45
03. Black Coffee 6.00
04. Intima 3.53
05. Sister Sadie 5.28
06. Vardar 4.53
07. Whisper Not 6.00
08. A Foggy Day 5.55
09. Willis Conover 1.33
10. With Pain I Was Born 7.44
11. Valse For Jazz Mama 7.37
12. Aftertänke 6.05
13. Ornaments 7.07
14. Intima 5.00

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