Friday, January 15, 2010

Julie LONDON - Julie Is Her Name 1955

Julie LONDON - Julie Is Her Name 1955
1959 Issue LST-7027


Here is one of the most beautiful albums ever released by a woman in the 50s.
Only 3 musicians: Barney Kessel playing some refined and laid back guitar, Ray Leatherhood on bass and Julie for the singing. Often, most simple things work the best; You just need talent and soul and the 3 of them get it.
Her velvet voice sings all those classics with sensuality and some soft and delicious eroticism. You can switch off the light and listen to this music in the dark when all is calm and silent.
Julie London is best know for "Cry Me a River" written by her old High School classmate Arthur Hamilton. Her interpretation has got this indescribable infectious magic that nearly no further cover could equal. Ella Fitzgerald got it in the album Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!; But most covers rather butchered this beautiful classic.
However Julie is more than this song: Her version of "'S Wonderful" proves that she can swing like a true jazzwoman.
"Easy Street", "No Moon at All" and "Gone With the Wind" also belong to the most groovy tunes here.
Then, last but not least, Julie London recorded one of the best versions of "I'm in the Mood for Love".
Highly Recommended.
Ray Leatherwood- Bass
Barney Kessel- Guitar
Julie London- Vocals
A1. Say It Isn't So   2:00
A2. It Never Entered My Mind   2:25
A3. Easy Street   3:12
A4. S' Wonderful   1:33
A5. No Moon at All   1:53
A6. Laura   1:37
B1. Cry Me a River   2:36
B2. I Should Care   2:35
B3. I'm in the Mood for Love   2:28
B4. I'm Glad There Is You   2:34
B5. Can't Help Lovin' That Man   3:08
B6. I Love You   1:53


  1. Lovely post, Excellent site!
    When I downloaded A7 was missing.
    Thanks for all you do!!!


    this (A7) is from cd not from lp