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Jimmy SMITH & Wes MONTGOMERY - The Dynamic Duo 1966

Jimmy SMITH & Wes MONTGOMERY - The Dynamic Duo 1966


It's amazing what can happen when you put two master musicians like Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery in the same room, as this classic album documents. Supported by players like drummer Grady Tate, Clark Terry, and Ray Barretto, and arranger Oliver Nelson, Jimmy & Wes go to town on "The Dynamic Duo". "James & Wes", "Night Train", and the cool spin they put on "Baby, It's Cold Outside" make this album a joy to listen again and again. The alternate take of "Road Song" at the end is the cream on the cake, and in my opinion is even better than the originally issued take. One of the first releases in Verve's excellent Master Edition series, the packaging and remastered sound make this the definitive issue of this jazz classic and one of my all time favorites.
By Jeffrey Harris.
(13 (Death March) recorded September 21, 1966.
Down By The Riverside and Night Train recorded September 23, 1966.
James And Wes and Baby, It's Cold Outside recorded September 28, 1966.)
Richard Davis- Bass (tracks: A1, A2, B2)
Grady Tate- Drums
Clark Terry- Flugelhorn (tracks: A1, A2)
Jerome Richardson- Flute [Tenor], Flute [Alto], Clarinet (tracks: A1, A2, B2)
Wes Montgomery- Guitar
Jimmy Smith- Organ [Hammond]
Ray Barretto- Percussion  (tracks: B1 to B3)
Jerry Dodgion- Sax [Alto], Clarinet, Flute, Flute [Alto]  (tracks: A1, A2, B2)
Danny Bank- Sax [Baritone], Clarinet [Bass], Flute, Flute [Alto] (tracks: A1, A2, B2)
Bob Ashton- Sax [Tenor], Flute, Clarinet (tracks: A1, A2, B2)
Phil Woods- Sax, Clarinet (tracks: A1, A2, B2)
Jimmy Cleveland- Trombone  (tracks: A1, A2, B2) ,
Melba Liston- Trombone (tracks: A1, A2, B2) ,
Quentin Jackson- Trombone (tracks: A1, A2, B2) ,
Richard Hixon- Trombone (tracks: B2)
Tony Studd- Trombone [Bass]
Clark Terry- Trumpet (tracks: A1, A2, B2) ,
Ernie Royal- Trumpet (tracks: A1, A2, B2) ,
Jimmy Maxwell-Trumpet (tracks: A1, A2, B2) ,
Joe Newman- Trumpet (tracks: A1, A2, B2).
A1. Down By The Riverside 10:00
A2. Nigh Train 6:30
B1. James & Wes 8:05
B2. 13 (Death March) 5:21
B3. Baby, It's Cold Outside 5:50

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