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Dr.JOHN - Television 1994

Dr.JOHN - Television 1994


Dr. John's debut for GRP doesn't deviate from any release he's made for several other labels. It's still his chunky, humorous take on New Orleans funk; these are his songs, visions and performances, and there's none of the elevator material or laidback, detached fare that's a customary GRP byproduct. Such songs as "Witchy Red," "Spaceship Relationship" and the title selection are a delicate mix of seemingly outrageous but actually quite sharp commentary and excellent musical performances from Dr. John on keyboards, Hugh McCracken on guitar, and several other veterans, among them the great Red Tyler on tenor sax. While not quite as fiery as his classic sessions for Atlantic, if anyone can bring the funk to a company that's famous for avoiding it, it's Dr. John.
By Ron Wynn.
Dr.John- (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ,Keyboards, Tambourine);
Vaneese Thomas- (Vocals, Background vocals);
Anthony Kiedis- (Vocals);
Hugh McCracken- (Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin, Harmonica, Drums, Tambourine);
George Wadenius- (Guitar);
David "Fathead" Newman- (Flute, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax);
Ronnie Cuber- (tenor saxophone, Baritone saxophone);
Alvin "Red" Tyler- (Tenor Sax);
Randy Brecker, Charles Miller, Charlie Miller- (Trumpet);
Birch Johnson- (Trombone);
Fred Staehle- (Drums, Percussion);
Sonny Emory- (Drums);
Crusher Bennett- (Congas, Percussion);
Errol Bennett- (Percussion);
James Genus- (Bass);
David Barard- (Bass,Backround Vocals);
Curtis King, Diva Gray, Rachele Cappelli, Katreese Barnes, Lani Groves- (Background Vocals).
01. Television 4:36
02. Lissen 4:29
03. Limbo 4:30
04. Witchy Red 4:16
05. Shadows 4:03
06. Shut D Fonk Up 5:10
07. Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again) 4:03
08. Spaceship Relation 4:05
09. Hold It 3:53
10. Money (That's What I Want) 3:23
11. U Lie 2 Much 4:30
12. Same Day Service 5:00

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