Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chris Thomas KING & Blind Mississippi MORRIS - Along The Blues Highway 2003

Chris Thomas KING & Blind Mississippi MORRIS - Along The Blues Highway 2003


Every so often there is an album that just jumps out at you, "Along the Blues Highway", is a wonderful return to those days when our parents and grandparents enjoyed the music of times, BLUES! A CD that gives you the roots of America then, right up to the present time.

Chris Thomas King takes the listener into the 21st Century of Blues with "RED MUD", "I'M ON FIRE", "ME, MY GUITAR AND THE BLUES" and "O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU", all compositions penned by Mr. King reflecting his deep commitment in keeping blues right up there where we can see and hear it,remember King from the film "O Brother Where Art Thou", when he traded his soul for guitar lessons. Great film and wonderful performance by Chris.

Blind Mississippi Morris opens with a head banging blues cue "DUST MY BROOM", followed by a rhythmic tune "YOU KNOW I LIKE THAT", next we have a cha cha tempo "WILLIE", now the joints jumping so put your dancin' shoes on with "BEALE STREET TONIGHT", now why not try on some funky tunes as we listen "BAD TO WORSE", get ready to board the bus as we're "GOING BACK TO LOUISIANA", this takes care of our mojo.

Great job by Varese Records featuring the rockin' bluesman King and funky bluesman Morris with total enjoyment of some rare performances sure to please all ages among our fans, Blues is alive and well...gotta love it!
By J. Lovins.
This split CD of live performances from Chris Thomas King and Blind Mississippi Morris features two excellent, but very different, approaches to the blues. King's acoustic set was recorded at the Kalamazoo Blues Festival in 2001. On King's excellent set he tackles seven originals on slide guitar, including "Red Mud," "I'm on Fire," and "O' Brother Where Art Thou." Morris was caught the same year but at a different location: the Sunflower Blues Festival in Clarksdale, MS. Backed by his working band, this set features electric workouts on the originals "Beale Street Tonight," "You Know I Like That," "Willie," "Bad to Worse," "Night Roads," along with the obligatory "Dust My Broom." King and Morris prove that the blues is alive and well and in good hands going into the new millennium. By Al Campbell.

Live at the Kalamazoo Blues Festival

01. Red Mud
02. Why
03. Soon This Morning Blues
04. I’m On Fire
05. Alive
06. Me, My Guitar And The Blues
07. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Live from the Sunflower Blues Festival
in Clarksdale, Mississippi

08. Dust My Broom
09. You Know I Like That
10. Willie
11. Beale Street Tonight
12. Bad To Worse
13. Night Roads
14. Going Back to Louisiana
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