Saturday, January 9, 2010

Carey BELL - Carey Bell's Blues Harp 1969

Carey BELL - Carey Bell's Blues Harp 1969
DS 622


It's a mite ragged around the edges, but Bell's 1969 debut session certainly sports the proper ambience -- and no wonder, with guitarists Eddie Taylor and Jimmy Dawkins and pianist Pinetop Perkins on hand to help out. No less than four Little Walter covers and two more from Muddy Waters' songbook dot the set, but many of the best moments occur on the original numbers.
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
Sidney Thomas (Drums),
Lurrie Bell (Guitar),
Carey Bell (Harmonica),(Vocals),
Eddie Taylor (Guitar),
Pinetop Perkins (Piano),(Keyboards),
W. Williams (Drums),
Royal Johnson (Guitar),
Jimmy Dawkins (Guitar),
Joe Harper (Bass).
A1. I'm Ready   3:08
A2. I Got to Find Somebody   4:20
A3. I Wanna Will My Love to You   3:40
A4. Blue Monday at Kansas City Red's   4:03
A5. I'm Gonna Buy Me a Train Ticket   3:47
A6. Come on Over Here   3:09
B1. I Cry So Much   4:47
B2. Sad Dreams   4:47
B3. Everything's Up Tight   4:05
B4. You Know It Ain't Right   3:45
B5. Last Night   4:34
B6. Rocking With a Chromatic   3:21

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