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Buddy RICH - Class Of´78

Buddy RICH - Class Of´78


Buddy Rich successfully led big bands from 1966 until his death in 1987, but other than his final effort in 1985, this album contains his orchestra's last significant recording. Inexcusably brief (with only a half-hour of music), the lack of quantity is made up for by the high quality. The drummer's 15-piece ensemble performs memorable versions of "Bouncin' with Bud," "Birdland" (the best big-band version of the Weather Report hit), Horace Silver's "Cape Verdean Blues," Chick Corea's "Fiesta" and Barry Mintzer's "Funk City Ola." With the soloists including Steve Marcus on tenor and soprano, tenorman Gary Pribek, pianist Barry Keiner and Rich himself (on "Fiesta"), the music is consistently exciting. Recommended.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
Tommy Warrington- Bass
Gary Bribek- Cow Bell,Saxophone [2nd Tenor]
Alan Gauvin , Chuck Wilson- Flute
Barry Keiner- Keyboards
Greg Smith- Percussion [Cabasa],Saxophone [Baritone]
Chuck Wilson- Saxophone [1st Alto],Saxophone [Soprano]
Steve Marcus- Saxophone [1st Tenor],Saxophone [Soprano]
Alan Gauvin- Saxophone [2nd Alto],Saxophone [Soprano]
Matt Johnson- Trombone [1st]
Dale Kirkland- Trombone [2nd]
Edward Eby- Trombone [Bass]
Chuck Schmidt- Trumpet [1st]
Dean Pratt- Trumpet [2nd]
John Marshall- Trumpet [3rd]
Danny Hayes- Trumpet [4th]

A1. Birdland  
       Arranged By [Arranger] - Mike Abene
       Composed By [Composer] - Joe Zawinul
       Saxophone [Soprano Soloist] - Steve Marcus 
A2. Bouncin' With Bud  
       Arranged By [Arranger] - Frank Perowsky
       Composed By [Composer] - Bud Powell
       Piano [Soloist] - Barry Keiner
       Saxophone [Tenor Soloist] - Gary Bribek 
B1. Cape Verdean Blues  
       Arranged By [Arranger] - Tom Boros
       Composed By [Composer] - Horace Silver
       Piano [Soloist] - Barry Keiner
       Trumpet [Soloist] - Dean Pratt 
B2. Fiesta  
       Arranged By [Arranger] - Barry Keiner , Buddy Rich
       Bass [Soloist] - Tommy Warrington
       Composed By [Composer] - Chick Corea
       Drums [Soloist] - Buddy Rich
       Piano [Soloist] - Barry Keiner 
B3. Funk City Ola  
       Arranged By [Arranger] - Barry Mintzer
       Composed By [Composer] - Barry Mintzer
       Saxophone [Tenor Soloist] - Gary Bribek , Steve Marcus 

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