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Big Joe TURNER - Rhythm & Blues Years 1987

Big Joe TURNER - Rhythm & Blues Years 1987


This disc, along with Atlantic's 'Joe Turner's Greatest Hits,' will give you a good overall view of the man and his music. Lipstick Powder and Paint, Morning Noon and Night, and You Know I Love You are the main songs that will get you on this one. The man could sing anything. And, the kick is, he couldn't read. They say his wife used to teach him the words to the songs and when he let go, what came up came out. Big Joe Turner was and is BIG.
By Lester L. Carter.
Picks up the rest of the 1950s Atlantic Records motherlode. The Chicago-cut double-entendre gem "TV Mama" (with Elmore James on guitar), the lighthearted rockers "Rock a While," "Morning Noon & Night," and "Lipstick, Powder & Paint," and a rip-snorting remake of Turner's classic "Roll 'Em Pete," here titled "(We're Gonna) Jump for Joy," that in its own way rivals the original (King Curtis' blistering sax solo doesn't hurt), are among the many highlights on the 28-song collection.
By Bill Dahl. AMG.
Jimmy Nottingham (Trumpet), Christine Spencer (Vocals), Johnny Jones (Piano), Zal Schreiber (Mastering), Dave McRae (Sax (Baritone)), Mike Stoller (Piano), Elmore James (Guitar), Harry Van Walls (Piano), Ernie Hayes (Piano), Joe Tillman (Sax (Tenor)), Mickey Baker (Guitar), Ray Charles (Piano), Hilton Jefferson (Sax (Alto)), Bob Defrin (Art Direction), Abie Baker (Bass), Bob Porter (Reissue Producer), Sonny Cohn (Trumpet), Herb Abramson (Producer), Budd Johnson (Sax (Baritone)), Budd Johnson (Sax (Alto)), The Cookies (Vocals), Jesse Stone (Arranger), Jerry Leiber (Producer), Philip Guilbeau (Trumpet), Arlem Kareem (Sax (Baritone)), Mundell Lowe (Guitar), William Burchett (Sax (Alto)), Sam "The Man" Taylor (Sax (Tenor)), Big Joe Turner (Vocals), Joe Morris (Trumpet), Freddie Mitchell (Sax (Tenor)), Haywood Henry (Sax (Baritone)), Billy Mure (Bass), George Barnes (Guitar), Billy Mure (Guitar), Ahmet Ertegun (Producer), Jerry Wexler (Producer), King Curtis (Reeds (Multiple)), Dick Vance (Trumpet), Edward Frank (Piano), Sam Feldman (Mastering), Lloyd Trotman (Bass), Earle Warren (Sax (Alto)), Sticks Evans (Drums), Rector Bailey (Guitar), Mack Easton (Sax (Baritone)), Panama Francis (Drums), Jesse Stone (Piano), Marlowe Morris (Piano), Leon Cohn (Reeds), Marlowe Morris (Organ), Allen Hanlon (Guitar), Oscar Moore (Drums), Choker Campbell (Sax (Tenor)), Van "Piano Man" Walls (Piano), Lloyd Lambert (Bass), Taft Jordan (Trumpet), Red Tyler (Sax (Tenor)), Ahmet Ertegun (Executive Producer), Leon Cohn (Reeds (Multiple)), Mike Stoller (Producer), Wilbur DeParis (Trombone), King Curtis (Sax (Tenor)), Herb Abramson (Liner Notes), Bill Suyker (Guitar), Leonard Gaskin (Bass), Worthia Thomas (Trombone), Haywood Henry (Sax (Tenor)), Michael Chimes (Harmonica), Helen Way (Vocals), Doryce Brown (Vocals), Mel Wonzo (Trombone), Harry Van Walls (Orchestra), Al Sears (Sax (Tenor)), Gus Fontenette (Sax (Alto)), Stephen Innocenzi (Digital Transfers), Choker Campbell (?), Grady "Fats" Jackson (Sax (Tenor)), Red Saunders (Drums), Jimmy Richardson (Bass), Belton Evans (Drums), John Girard (Trumpet), Connie Kay (Drums), Jesse Stone (Orchestra), Arlem Dareem (Sax (Alto)), Ernie Hayes (Keyboards), Jerome Richardson (Sax (Alto)), Mel Wanzo (Trombone)
01. Don't You Cry
02. Poor Lover's Blues
03. Still In Love
04. TV Mama
05. Married Woman
06. You Know I Love You
07. Midnight Cannonball
08. In The Evening
09. Morning Noon and Night
10. Ti-Ri-Lee
11. Lipstick, Powder and Paint
12. Rock A While
13. After a While
14. Trouble In Mind
15. World Of Trouble
16. Love Roller CoastLove Rollercoaster
17. I Need a Girl
18. Teenage Letter
19. Wee Baby Blues
20. (We're Gonna) Jump For Joy
21. Sweet Sue
22. My Reasons for Living
23. Love Oh Careless Love
24. Got You on My Mind
25. Chains of Love
26. My Little Honeydipper
27. Tomorrow Night
28. Honey Hush

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