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John PRIMER - Stuff You Got To Watch 1992

John PRIMER - Stuff You Got To Watch 1992


John Primer still remains true to his blues, deeply rooted in the classic Chicago blues of Muddy Waters and Elmore James. This review of his first US release on Earwig appeared back in Jazz & Blues Report in 1993 while he was still a member of Magic Slim & the Teardrops.

Fans of straight ahead Chicago blues should check out John Primer's "Stuff You Got to Watch" on Earwig. The Mississippi born Primer was in the houseband at Theresa's Lounge where he was befriended by the late Sammy Lawhorn. Later he was in Muddy Waters' last band and has been with Magic Slim and the Teardrops for the past few years. While he has an album for the Austrian Wolf label, this US debut certainly makes one wonder what took him so long to get hooked up with a US label. Among those on this date are fellow Teardrop, Nick Holt, on bass, Harmonica Hinds on harp and Carl Snyder on keyboards. It is an excellent studio band which strongly supports Primer's delta rooted vocals and guitar . While much of this is Primer's originals, his covers are imaginative with a strong nod to Muddy on the title track. His renditions of Freddy King's "See See Baby" and Magic Sam's "That's All I Need" are wonderfully paced performances while he personalizes Otis Rush's "Double Trouble," giving it a fresh cast that almost is as good as Rush's original (which had Ike Turner's guitar in addition to Rush's). Jimmy and Jeannie Cheathem's "Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On," is answered by Primer's original "Bring Your Clothes Back Home." Less expected is his transformation of Texas country bluesman Little Son Jackson's "Cairo Blues" into a Chicago band blues. The instrumental "Lawhorn Special" is a fitting nod to the late guitar giant and his mentor. To these ears, the only misguided effort is "Rhinestone Cowboy" (the Glen Campbell pop-country hit), but perhaps it will get him on Nashville Now. This is first-rate album of Chicago blues that comes from (to borrow a Bob Margolin phrase) "The Old School."
By R. Weinstock.
Chicago guitarist Primer's domestic debut album was doubtless an eye-opener for anyone not familiar with his searing slide work and sturdy vocal abilities. Apart from a very ill-advised cover of Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy" (yuck!), the album resonates with mean, lowdown guitar work and fine ensemble backing. By Bill Dahl. AMG.
01. Stuff You Gotta Watch (3:01)
02. See See Baby (4:20)
03. Inflation Blues (5:51)
04. Cairo (5:25)
05. Lawhorn Special (4:03)
06. Double Trouble (5:56)
07. Rhinestone Cowboy (4:46)
08. Fed up Baby (6:32)
09. Baby, Bring Your Clothes Back Home (5:07)
10. That's All I Need (5:26)
11. I'm Gonna Ride Until I Get Satisfied (4:55)
12. Travelin' Blues (6:04)
13. The Mojo Boogie (6:48)

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