Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canned HEAT, Featuring Walter Trout - Live In Oz 2002

Canned HEAT, Featuring Walter Trout - Live In Oz 2002


"We'd like to take you back to Woodstock,"
Bob Hite peremptorily announces on the opening of this live set, whisking listeners back in time to Canned Heat's heyday. A dozen years had since passed, and the world was about to be inundated by new wave, but down under in Australia in 1981, the '60s still reigned supreme. Beyond drummer Fito de la Parra, who joined the group back in 1970, the rest of Heat's members were recent arrivals Michael Halby, Rick Kellogg, Ernie Rodriguez and Walter Trout -- the latter would take over lead vocals in a few months' time after Hite's fatal heart attack. Here, however, he sounds fit as a fiddle, and the band is raring to go on and on. And they do just that on "Refried Hockey Boogie" which, at 23-plus minutes sprawled gloriously across the entire second side of the original vinyl album, which was released in 1981 by the Bedrock label (the 1984 date listed in myriad discographies refers to the CD reissue). Side one comprised enthusiastic run-throughs of Heat's three hits, an exhilarating take on the title track of their recently released Kings of the Boogie studio set, and a stomping version of "Amphetamine Annie," like "Refried" from Heat's 1968 Boogie with Canned Heat album. This modern reissue adds three more numbers performed that day, "Hell's on Down the Line" and "Chicken Shack Boogie" both from the Kings set, and the apt curtain closer, the bluesy "So Long." It was one heck of a show, which is why the album has remained on the shelves in so many parts of the world. Their glory days were long gone, but the band boogied on like the '60s never ended.
By Jo-Ann Greene.
Canned Heat, one of the stars of the original Woodstock, are acknowledged as one of the world's top boogie bands. Live, the band really kick! This set, recorded in 1981, featured a young Walter Trout, whose guitar playing skills had come to the fore previously with John Lee Hooker. The show, recorded in front of a huge crowd of Aussie bikers, gave free rein to Trout's tremendous ability, driven on by drummer Fito De La Parra. Following the death of Bob "The Bear" Hite, this tour set up a long and fruitful future for the band, and an even better one for Walter Trout.
Fito De La Parra- Drums
Walter Trout- Vocals, Guitar
Mike "The Mouth" Halbey - Vocals, Guitar
Rick "Cherry Red" Kellog- Vocals, Harmonica
Paul Ernie Rodriguez- Vocals, Bass
01. On The Road Again 5:07
02. Amphetamine Anne 5:57
03. Goin' Up Country 3:06
04. Let's Work Together 3:44
05. Kings Of The Boogie 3:24
06. Refried Hockey Boogie 23:12
07. Hell's On Down The Line 4:19
08. Chicken Shack Boogie 3:28
09. So Long 3:49



  1. g'day mate, thanks for this one...have seen the Heat 3 times downunder since college days in the 70's. The last time was in Wangaratta, Victoria around '93, they had lost some of that pizazz of their earlier days, but still bloody great to hear live.
    thanks again

  2. I hadn't heard of this album until I stumbled on down here to your place Mr Monk.
    I don't have a whole heap of Walter Trout stuff, but he does the gang justice on this.

    I wanted to order a copy on line (not released in oz), but it seems rare & out of place wanted US$52 for an Italian copy.

    I can see you have enjoyed yourself, putting a great collection together for your blog