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Jeanne LEE - Jeanne Lee in New York 1988

Jeanne LEE - Jeanne Lee in New York 1988
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Most of these tunes are what Jeanne Lee call "tone poems", at times mundane stories and events, even news items, set to jazz rhythms. Roped in here is the exquisite rhythm section of Reggie Workmnan and Andrew Cyrille who deliver a strong groove behind Jeanne's vocal improvisations. An added bonus of great significance is Milène Bey (see pic above), French of Martinique extraction, who followed a career in dance and music in NY in the 80s until she returned to her native Martinique in the mid-90s. She penned the fifth tune, performed in French, quite a tricky one, which Jeanne Lee doesn't quite get the hang of. Probably, with the benefit of hindsight, it would have been better to let Bey take the lead, but never mind.
By kinabalu.
Judging from the announcements, the 2nd vocalist is called Milan Bay.
I saw this show also listed as "4 Jan 1988", but the recording ends with Jeanne Lee wishing everybody a Happy April Fool's day, so this obviously is from the 1st April.
By Scholleck.
Jeanne Lee died in 2000 from cancer which would have been treated had she been able to afford medical insurance which she could not. Money makes the world go around, doesn't it She would have been seventy on 29 January 2009 (so a belated 70th anniversary commemoration to her). History would have it that Milène Bey were to succumb to cancer in 2006 on Martinique.
Jeanne Lee- Vocals
Milène Bey- Vocals (tracks 3-5-6-7)
Mark Whitecage- Alto Sax, Flute
Gunter Hampel- Bariton Sax, vibes, Flute
Reggie Workman- Bass
Andrew Cyrille- Drums
01. The Subway Couple [Lee] 06:52
02. Untitled (Bruckner Boulevard) [Lee] 06:19
03. News Watch [aka Dandelion Wine) [RobinsonLee] 10:31
04. I Like Your Style (vocbd only) [BuesLee] 04:31
05. Untitled (No matter where you go...) [Bey] 04:56
06. Serenade for Marion Brown [HampelLee] 17:28
07. Sun Dance [Lee] 10:14

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