Friday, March 26, 2010

Lonnie BROOKS - Roadhouse Rules 1996

Lonnie BROOKS - Roadhouse Rules 1996


Great ALBUM- this is what people are talking about when they advocate buying a whole album of one singer to get scope and a real feel for someTHING. Lonnie Brooks's voice is utterly seductive, and he USES it to sing the guts out of and into a lovely variety of bluesy/country songs and yet he sounds plenty city. Oddly enough, he reminds me of Otis Clay and Maria Callas in that you are likely to believe every word he sings. This is a special treat in an area that so often bounces around among formula blues, country smarm, and roadhouse noise just for the noise of it. Fun variety of good musicianship from everybody playing.
Lonnie Brooks' music comes from the R&B side of the blues. Brooks is a passionate singer with an intense rock-like guitar style. With the exception of "Roll of the Tumbling Dice" (a relaxed duet featuring the harmonica of Sugar Blue), the music on Roadhouse Rules is generally unrelenting in its ferocity, blues-oriented but also quite open to the influences of Stax-type soul and rock. The impressive musicianship and sincerity of Brooks' music is probably easier to respect than to love; this release gives listeners a good sampling of his playing.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Lonnie Brooks- (Vocals, Guitar); 
Ronnie Baker- Brooks (Guitar);
Sugar Blue- (Harmonica);
Lannie McMIllian, Andrew Love- (Tenor Sax);
Scott Thompson, Wayne Jackson- (Trumpet);
Ernest Williamson- (Keyboards);
Steve Potts- (Drums).
01. Hoodoo She Do (3:49)
02. Backbone Man (4:03)
03. Too Little Too Late (5:02)
04. Stranger In My House (4:48)
05. I Need A Friend (4:38)
06. Evil Twin (3:56)
07. Roll Of The Tumbling Dice (4:14)
08. One Track Train (4:10)
09. Before You Go (6:06)
10. Get Through To You (4:07)
11. It's Your World (5:46)
12. Treat Me Like Your Dog (4:57)
13. Stake My Claim (4:07)
14. Rockin' Red Rooster (4:13)


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