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Mighty Sam McCLAIN - One More Bridge To Cross 2003

Mighty Sam McCLAIN - One More Bridge To Cross 2003


Once again, Mighty Sam McClain changes the face of the blues with his new album "One More Bridge To Cross". Released on his own label, Mighty Music, the CD has a fresh sound and focuses more on Sam's powerful and heart-breakingly beautiful voice.
When Mighty Sam released his album "One More Bridge To Cross" he described it as probably the high point of his career. Pleased to be in control of the whole thing - producer, writer, in the studio from beginning to end and with his own label and publishing company. As Sam says, "the buck stops here". For Sam this "new beginning" was a new dawn on his career following his decision to take complete control over his operation.
In a wide ranging interview with the Primer, Sam talks about the highs and lows of his recording career, the good and bad times in his life, and his delight with the way the album turned out.
Mighty Sam brings lyrics, rhythm, style, and guitar artistry together in a way that only a true blues man can do. One easily hears the influences of his early life in Louisiana filtered through soulful blues lenses. His songs involve emotional, relational struggles as one might expect of Sam MCClain. But he mixes in so many hopeful, inspirational, and even spiritual overtones into this repertoire. This CD grows on me each and every time I've listened to it. If you love the blues, and love it sung with heart and soul, you'll want to have this in your library.
By Douglas R. Parrish.
Mighty Sam McClain- (Vocals);
Chris Tofield- (Guitar);
Mark Paquin- (Saxophone, Trombone);
Trent Austin- (Trumpet);
Barry Seelen- (Keyboards);
Jim Arnold- (Drums).
01. Why Do We Have To Say Goodbye 5:17
02. Witness 4:28
03. Open Up Heaven's Door 3:51
04. If It Wasn't 4 Da Blues 5:38
05. Most Of All 4:47
06. Are You Ready For Love 4:25
07. Been There, Done That 6:00
08. What's Your Name 3:18
09. Thought I Heared Your Voice 4:37
10. The Other Man In The Band 6:23
11. Sweet Honey Bee 3:05
12. Don't Leave Me Behind 4:41
13. One More Bridge To Cross 6:42

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