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Peter GREEN - Blues For Dhyâna 1998

Peter GREEN - Blues For Dhyâna 1998


If you're unfamiliar with Peter's post-Mac work, this is a pretty nice place to start, as it compiles some of the finest tracks from his typically hard-to-find late '70s and early '80s albums. Throughout, this compilation presents a consistency in tone, mood and quality.... so that it actually feels like it was recorded at one session. Get this disc. If you like high-quality, moving blues-rock, you will not be disappointed.
Collection of 12 great blues numbers recorded between 1978-1983. Includes 'Born Under A Bad Sign', 'I Could Not Ask ForMore' & 'Liquor And You'. 1998 Culture Press release.
This is a recent release but does not contain any new material. It's another compilation of songs from Peter Green's 80s solo albums. Hardcore Green fans will likely have these tracks on the original albums; those who are interested will be better served by the vastly superior "Green and Guitar" compilation. (Note: both of these collections chicken out and use a "young" picture of Peter when he was still in Fleetwood Mac. At the time these songs were recorded he already looked older and was starting to lose his hair. So much for truth in advertising...)
Dave Mattacks- Drums
Godfrey McLean- Drums
Morris Pert- Percussion
Roy Shipston- Keyboards
Larry Steele- Guitar (Bass), Bass
Paul Westwood- Guitar (Bass), Bass
Jeff Whittaker- Percussion
David Wilkie- Piano
Reg Isidore- Drums
Ronnie Johnson- Guitar
Mike Green- Vocals
Snowy White- Guitar
Daniel Boone- Keyboards, Vocals
Pete Bardens- Keyboards
Bob Bowman- Guitar
Pam Douglas- Vocals (Background)
Rick FennGuitar
Peter GreenGuitar, Producer, Vocals
Kuma Harada- Guitar (Bass), Bass
Webster Johnson- Keyboards
Peter Vernon KellProducer
Mo Foster- Guitar (Bass), Bass
01.Fool No More (7:42)
02.Born Under a Bad Sign (2:53)
03.I Could Not Ask for More (4:56)
04.Walkin' the Road (3:48)
05.Last Train to San Antone (5:30)
06.Lost My Love (5:22)
07.Just Another Guy (6:01)
08.What Am I Doing Here (3:24)
09.Pan y Queso (3:42)
10.Liquor and You (3:47)
11.Six String Guitar (4:30)
12.One Woman Love (5:27)


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