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Graoundhogs - Crosscut Saw 1976

Graoundhogs - Crosscut Saw 1976
UAS 29 917


The album "Crosscut Saw" was released early 1976.  After a change of personnel which saw Wellbelove replaced by RICK ADAMS the band recorded another album to be released the following year.  The band would eventually disband this year though.
My introduction to Groundhogs was of their earlier works like Thank Christ for the Bomb. At first listen Crosscut Saw sounded a bit boring compared to the former. After a few listens and some time Crosscut Saw turned out to be the groups most dynamic album yet. Sure it's not as fast and rockin' as the earlier albums, it's slowed down some and doesn't have that oompf that those albums had. With the addition of a 2nd guitarist Crosscut Saw has some great elements that were missing before. This one might need a few more listens, but it'll sink in.
By Theheft.
Originally supposed to be a Tony McPhee solo record, his management encouraged him to bill it as The Groundhogs, with a whole new lineup of backing musicians not as strong as the classic early 70's band. McPhee plays some wild guitar on this, aided by many effects, especially an early guitar synthesizer. His solo on the track "Fulfilment" is brutal, like a snarling mad dog. However many of the songs here lack the substance of his earlier work, or for that matter later albums to come. "Love A Little Lady" is probably the worst thing he's ever written, just repetitive nothingness and too long to boot. The tone of his lyrics throughout is very bitter; it did follow on the heels of a divorce.
Tony McPhee- (Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Vocals),
Rick Adams- (Guitar),
Mick Cook- (Drums),
Martin Kent- (Bass),
Dave Wellbeloved- (Guitar).
A1. Crosscut Saw   3:40
A2. Promiscuity   5:40
A3. Boogie Withus   3:50
A4. Fulfilment   7:35
B1. Live a Little Lady   6:05
B2. Three Way Split   5:00
B3. Mean Mistreater   2:35
B4. Eleventh Hour   6:45


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