Friday, March 19, 2010

Mississippi Shakedown - Right Here, Right Now 2007

Mississippi Shakedown - Right Here, Right Now 2007


With influence from the deep south, these guys ...    Full Descriptionhave heart... this band was not created to play in a restaurant.
All original songs with an original attitude.. this band takes no prisoners on their journey to Shakedown an audience.
Fronted by Mississippi Jeff Cripps (well known owner of A# Sharp Recording Studio and 2002, 2005, 2006 Australian Blues Music Awards' Producer of the Year)on slide guitar and vocals. The band is driven by John Gannon on Bass with Derek Smith in the engin room on drums.
Even the Aussies play the Blues, DAMN GOOD  ;)
01. Keep Those Home Fires Burning 3:59
02. Right Here Right Now 3:32
03. Mean and Evil 4:06
04. Drinkin' 4:13
05. Mississippi Minor 3:25
06. Extra Mile 3:22
07. Fool's Paradise 4:02
08. Talk in Texas 3:59
09. I've Had a Really Bad Day 3:55
10. Man of the Century 2:28
11. The Twist 3:59

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