Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thorbjørn RISAGER - Track Record 2010

Thorbjørn RISAGER - Track Record 2010


He was amazing on his debut CD and now, with every new record he gets even better. Thorbjorn is a full package – his voice is memorable and full of soul, his guitar playing brings to mind some of the six string masters and his songs are all potential radio hits. Plus, T.’s band is tight as hell. This new live album is no exception – with the very first song it blew me away as this is the kind of rhythm’n’blues I love to hear. The sound quality is pristine, too. With “Live At Victoria” Thorbjorn is on his way to a worldwide success!
By Przemek Draheim.
Also on the now fifth CD release since his 2004's debut album has Thorbjørn Risager back songs on offer that one could give the impression that the guitarist and singer would be situate herkunftsmäßig more in the southern United States than in Germany's northern neighbor. It extends the range of numbers from his own pen from earthy roots-rock of opener "Rock'n'Roll Ride" on a worn soul ballad like "Stand Beside Me" to the elegantly swinging "I'll Be Moving On" with its jazzy horn riffs and solos. But the Dane proves once again not only as a highly creative and versatile songwriter, but also knows as an arranger often gecoverten classics such as Big Joe Williams' "Baby Please Do not Go" impose his own, highly listenable musical stamp. And no matter whether his six-by three background singers / inside supplemented live band or, as in "Let's Go Down" is true in a reduced cast of guest musicians Jarno Varsted at the Harp, the groove in this diverse album that requires an international not hide completely, easily from first to last note. For fans of intelligent hand-made music in the traditions of blues, R & B and Soul definitely a must-have.
Thorbjørn Risager- Vocal/Guitar
Emil Balsgaard- Piano and Keyboards
Svein Erik Martinsen- Guitar/Background Vocals
Søren Bøjgaard- Bass
Martin Seidelin- Drums
Peter Kehl- Trumpet
Kasper Wagner- Saxophone
Pia Trøjgård- Background Vocals
Lea Thorlann- Background Vocals
Lars Skjærbæk- Background Vocals
Jarno Varsted- Harmonica
01. Rock 'N' Roll Ride (Risager) 4:19
02. Baby Please Don't Go (Williams) 2:38
03. Let's Go Down (Risager) 4:37
04. You Walked Right In (Risager) 3:07
05. 7 Steps To Heaven (Seidelin) 3:20
06. Stand Beside Me (Risager) 5:10
07. Eyes That Turned Away (Risager) 3:49
08. Rhythms Of The Night (Risager) 3:47
09. I'll Be Moving On (Risager) 3:32
10. Bells Of Joy (Seidelin) 6:31


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