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Buddy GUY - Buddy's Blues 1997

Buddy GUY - Buddy's Blues 1997


As part of MCA's Chess Records 50th Anniversary series, Buddy's Blues sweats Guy's multi-disc retrospective, The Complete Chess Studio Recordings down to a scintillating 15-track package and comes up with a bare-bones winner. There are loads of great guitar on classics like "First Time I Met the Blues," "Let Me Love You Baby," "Pretty Baby," "My Time After Awhile," "Stone Crazy," and Guy's voice is at its whiplash exuberant best. Unexpected bonuses pop up in the comp's kickoff track, a full-length version of "Worried Mind," issued here without the overdubbed applause and crowd noises that accompanied its original release on Folk Festival of the Blues (see Muddy Waters' entry). Also noteworthy is Junior Wells' appearance on chromatic harp on "Ten Years Ago," and Guy's stellar guitar behind Lacy Gibson's vocal on a Buddy Guy original, "My Love Is Real." And special note must also be made of the spacious stereo mixes used on this compilation, making these 30-year-old-plus tracks shine like diamonds coming off the laser beam. We also experience all the stylistic turns toward a kinship with the burgeoning soul and rock scenes that Guy would make toward the end of his Chess tenure, along with the smoking slow burners that are his trademark, some of which clock in at four to six minutes here. With his very best tracks compiled on one disc, and with beautiful transfers of them to enhance the listening experience, this should be one of your very first stops in absorbing the sides that made Buddy Guy's reputation among blues fans and guitar aficionados the world over.
By Cub Koda. AMG.
Gene Barge- Sax (Tenor), Producer 
Lefty Bates- Guitar 
Fred Below- Drums 
Milton Bland- Sax (Tenor) 
Leonard Caston- Organ, Piano 
Al Duncan- Drums 
Jarrett Gibson- Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor) 
Lacy Gibson- Guitar, Vocals 
Buddy Guy- Guitar, Vocals 
Donald Hankins- Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor) 
Clifton James- Drums 
Lafayette Leake- Organ, Piano 
Abe Locke- Sax (Tenor) 
Jack Meyers- Bass 
Little Brother Montgomery- Piano 
Matt "Guitar" Murphy- Guitar 
Bob Neely- Sax (Tenor) 
A.C. Reed- Sax (Tenor) 
Otis Spann- Piano 
Charles Stepney- Drums 
Leroy Stewart- Bass 
Phil Thomas- Drums 
Sonny Turner- Trumpet 
Phil Upchurch- Bass 
Murray Watson- Trumpet 
Junior Wells- Harmonica 
01. Worried Mind 3:58 
    Piano - Lafayette Leake 
02. First Time I Met The Blues 2:19 
    Piano - Little Brother Montgomery 
03. Let Me Love You Baby 2:54 
    Harmonica - Junior Wells 
04. I Found A True Love 6:18 
05. Pretty Baby 4:04 
06. My Time After A While (Alternate) 3:20 
    Piano - Leonard Caston 
07. Stone Crazy 7:11 
08. Keep It To Myself (AKA Keep It To Yourself) 2:46 
    Bass - Phil Upchurch
    Drums - Charles Stepney 
09. Ten Years Ago 2:39 
    Harmonica - Junior Wells 
10. Got To Use Your Head 2:13 
    Bass - Leroy Stewart
    Organ - Leonard Caston
    Saxophone [Tenor] - A.C. Reed , Milton Bland 
11. I Cry And Sing The Blues 3:15 
12. She Suits Me To A Tee 2:16 
    Bass - Phil Upchurch
    Drums - Charles Stepney
    Saxophone [Tenor] - Gene Barge 
13. My Love Is Real 2:39 
    Drums - Al Duncan
    Guitar, Vocals - Lacey Gibson
    Piano - Lafayette Leake 
14. Leave My Girl Alone 3:27 
    Bass - Leroy Stewart
    Organ - Lafayette Leake 
15. When My Left Eye Jumps 3:52 
    Drums - Phil Thomas (2)
    Guitar - Lefty Bates
    Organ - Lafayette Leake
    Saxophone [Tenor] - Abb Locke
    Trumpet - Murray Watson , Sonny Turner 

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