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Taj MAHAL - Music Fuh Ya' 1977

Taj MAHAL - Music Fuh Ya'  1977
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Though an expectedly eclectic mix of blues, calypso, Caribbean music, and bits of reggae, disco, and other pop forms, Music Fuh Ya (Musica Para Tu) was not one of Mahal's more inspired outings. No one could criticize Mahal for lack of ambition in his efforts to integrate more styles into the folk-blues blend at the core of his music. But the surfeit of instrumentation, particularly the steel drums, were sometimes distractions more than enhancements, resulting in a forced, slick party atmosphere to cuts like "You Got It." Something like a cover of the blues-folk classic "Freight Train" plays much more to Mahal's strengths, but the trimmings of jazzy sax and steel drums aren't necessary when Taj alone could do a more convincing version. On "Baby, You're My Destiny," he gets more into the ingratiating Leon Redbone old-time/ragtime mood, and "The Four Mills Brothers," a nod to old jazz-pop vocal bands, works better than most cuts. He uses reggae (on "Honey Babe") and disco (on "Curry") rhythms to lesser effect, though.
By Richie Unterberger. All Music Guide.
Inshirah Mahal- Vocals
Larry McDonald- Keyboards, Percussion
Rashaida Nirobe- Vocals
Mona Ram- Vocals
Kester Smith- Percussion
Rudy Costa- Wind
Rocky Dzidzornu- Percussion
Yvonne Fimbres- Vocals
Ray Fitzpatrick- Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
Bismark Franco- Percussion
Carole Fredericks- Vocals
Robert GreenidgeDrums, Vocals
Joni Haastrup- Vocals
Taj Mahal- Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica
A1. You Got It 4:57
A2. Freight Train 4:47
A3. Baby, You're My Desire 5:58
A4. Sailin' Into Walker's Cay 5:16
B1. Truck Driver's Two-Step 4:57
B2. The Four Mils Brothers 4:58
B3. Honey Babe 4:09
B4. Curry 6:43

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