Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marcus MILLER - Panther, Live in USA 1988

Marcus MILLER - Panther, Live in USA 1988
Bootleg / Unauthorized


Marcus Miller is a jazz musician, composer and producer, perhaps best known as a bass guitarist with Miles Davis and David Sanborn. Miller is classically trained as a clarinetist, and also plays bass clarinet, keyboards, saxophone, and guitar, and is a capable singer.
This recording was out circa mid 90's. on the german Jazzdoor label. Jazzdoor published very design and extremly good unofficial soundboard recordings of jazz artists using the early 90s european copyright loopholes. They managed very well, moving their distribution from independant to the big companies allowing their cds to be displayed on the highstreet retailer in Europe -IE FNAC in France -. When Panther - live was displayed on the shelves of the FNAC Paris, Dreyfus records - whom Marcus Miller was in contract with - sent an injunction to all FNAC oulets in order to remove them on the same day. It became a collectible item ever since.
It was also classic for bootleg labels in Germany to change the date and location for their production. Personaly I doubt that this line up ever played together in 1988 in USA.
Marcus Miller- Bass Guitar;
Kenny Garrett- Sax;
Michael Stewart- Trumpet;
Bernhard Wright- Keyboards;
Morris Pleasure- Keyboards;
Poogie Bell- Drums.
01. Panther   8:14
02. Scoop   8:52
03. Steveland   9:25
04. Rampage   7:47
05. Tutu   8:19
06. Ju Ju   8:05

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  1. I'll be the first to say thanks!
    I wonder where it was recorded?
    Looking forward to hearing it.

  2. hi andy.
    This live set recorded in the USA on 1988.
    what is known.but i have some doubts some how.
    i do not know the where abouts.
    just tought ,it will be nice to have it.
    take care andy and sory can´t give u more info.