Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hampton HAWES - Spanish Steps 1968

Hampton HAWES - Spanish Steps 1968


Don't know a whole bunch about this album other than that it was recorded for Black Lion records in 1968 while the trio was in Paris on a world tour and that it has never been re-released on CD (although there is a questionable MP3 version available on Amazon, but I am not sure of it's quality or track accuracy...).  The mostly original music is great and shows Hawes touching on both his bebop roots and looking forward a bit (showing the influence of some of the jazz pianists of the era).
Hampton Hawes- Piano
Jimmy Woode- Bass
Art Taylor- Drums
A1. Blues Enough 5:27
A2. Sonora 4:53
A3. Black Forest 6:04
B1. Dangerous 4:25
B2. Spanish Steps 3:14
B3. My Romance 8:57

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