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Oscar PETERSON - Live! 1986

Oscar PETERSON - Live! 1986
1990 Issue
Recorded November 12 & 14, 1986


Pianist Oscar Peterson's stint at the Westwood Playhouse in Los Angeles in Nov. Peterson's quartet (with guitarist Joe Pass, bassist David Young and drummer Martin Drew) performs an interesting medley of "Perdido" and "Caravan," plays sensitively on "If You Only Knew," explores the pianist's "City Lights" and performs a three-part "The Bach Suite," which is climaxed by "Bach's Blues." Enjoyable music, it's recommended to Peterson's many fans.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
This Album apparently has received very little attention, a shame, considering the wealth of music contained within. Oscar demonstrates his skill as a composer with the first three songs as a tribute to Bach's 300th birthday. The 4th and 7th songs are also Peterson originals, and both give excellent examples of his technical virtuosity. The remaining tracks are (as Oscar always tries to do on live performances) a medly tribute to Duke Ellington. Oscar gives an above-par performance, especially on 'Allegro' and 'Bach's Blues'. Oscar is my favorite Jazz musician, and after literally hundreds of CD's and thousands of songs, Bach's Blues remains my favorite. Oscar plays on this CD with a kind of happiness that transfers directly to the listener, as Oscar displays a virtuistic sense of Rhythm and Harmony, balanced by his Godlike technical prowess. Not all tracks are sheer examples of 64th note runs, as can be found on many of Oscar's recordings (though plenty can be found here), Oscar displays his talents at somewhat slower, more expressive tempos on 'City Lights', 'Andante', and 'Bach's Blues', though none swing any less hard. All in all, one of my favorite Albums, and definitely worth its weight in gold to any Oscar Peterson fan.
Oscar Peterson- Piano
Joe Pass- Guitar
David Young- Bass
Martin Drew- Drums
01. The Bach Suite Allegro 9:51
02. The Bach Suite Andante 3:24
03. The Bach Suite Bach's Blues 9:11
04. city Lights (O.Peterson) 7:08
05. Medlely Perdido (Tizol-Lengsfelder-Drake) 6:26
06. Medlely Caravan (Ellington-Mills-Tizol) 6:39
07. If You Only Knew (O.Peterson) 7:56


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