Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mal WALDRON – Tokyo Bound 1970

MAL WALDRON – Tokyo Bound 1970


If this were a racing bike stage Mal Waldron, signed up by a Japanese cycling squad would be the lead-out man for two Japanese sprinters -- the drummer and bassist -- one of who would crossed the finish-line in dizzying speed and stay in the limelight during his 15 minutes of fame. However, Waldron’s lead-out act is so classy and displays such a sophisticated practical insight in propelling his fellow team mates that the threshold to victory Waldron hereby commands outsmarted the finish-line crossing and victory itself. Thanks to the Waldron factor -- well known to us, his fans -- this is one of those rare cases where arriving first does not mean winning. Standout track is “Mount Fujiyama”, which convinced me to award an extra half-star to a typical 3 star, 4X4 (no innovation, in a genre where innovations apply), good but far from must-hear album.
Mal Waldron- Piano;
Takeshi Inomata- Drums;
Yasuo Arakawa- Bass
A1. Japanese Island
A2. Rock One for Jimbosan
B1. Atomic Energy
B2. Mount Fuji


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