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Thad JONES - Detroit,New York Junction 1956

Thad JONES - Detroit,New York Junction 1956
Label: Blue Note
Audio CD: (March 20, 2007)
Audio-Video Studios, NYC, March 13, 1956


Genius early work from the legendary Thad Jones -- one of his greatest albums ever, and a sublime tribute to his talents on the trumpet! Jones has a groove here that definitely fits in nicely with the title -- some of the more contemplative, expressive modes of his native Detroit scene -- honed with a bit more of the sharpness that New York players were bringing to hardbop at the time! Jones' trumpet is warmly lyrical, but never in a sleepy, or too-easy sort of way -- and the group here has plenty of nice edges, thanks to killer tenor sax from the under-rated Billy Mitchell, guitar from Kenny Burrell, piano from Tommy Flanagan, bass from Oscar Pettiford, and drums from Shadow Wilson. There's a tremendous balance between gentleness and depth going on here -- and the album has an unbounded sense of creativity that easily makes it one of the most sparkling Blue Note sides from the time! Titles include "Little Girl Blue", "Blue Room", "Tar Riff", "Zec", and "Scratch".
From Dusty Groove.
Detroit-New York Junction is a session recorded in 1956, remastered 50 years later by Rudy Van Gelder. The players involved are Thad Jones (brother of Elvin, who plays drums on several Blue Note and other jazz recordings) on trumpet, Billy Mitchell on tenor saxophone, Kenny Burrell on guitar, Tommy Flanagan on piano, Oscar Pettiford on bass, and Shadow Wilson on drums. This is music that falls in between bebop and hard bop, with excellent performances by all the musicians involved. Three of the songs are Thad Jones originals, "Tariff", "Scratch", and "Zec". "Scratch" and "Zec" are both real burners, "Scratch" in particular allowing each musician to show off. "Tariff" and "Blue Room" are both boppish as well, but a little more laid back. All boast a solid groove and the musicianship is exemplary. Perhaps the highlight of the set is the rendition of "Little Girl Blue". Thad Jones's tone on this ballad is simply gorgeous, full-bodied and alluring, backed only by subtle touches of guitar and bass. This album as a whole is an excellent addition to any jazz collection.
By Jack Baker.
Thad Jones- Trumpet
Billy Mitchell- Tenor Sax
Kenny Burrell- Guitar
Tommy Flanagan- Piano
Oscar Pettiford- Bass
Shadow Wilson- Drums
01. Blue Room  6:45
02. Tariff (Rudy Van Gelder Edition)  5:30
03. Little Girl Blue  2:48
04. Scratch  10:28
05. Zec  8:46

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