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Shuggie OTIS - Here Comes Shuggie Otis/Freedom Flight 1971-72 (REPOST)

Shuggie OTIS - Here Comes Shuggie Otis/Freedom Flight 1971-72
Label: Raven
Release Date: Oct 14, 2003


It's staggering to consider that Shuggie Otis had virtually been forgotten by the time his delightfully idiosyncratic 1974 album Inspiration Information resurfaced in 2001. The precociously talented guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist ...    Full Description(and son of band leader Johnny Otis) had been no stranger to success. In 1977 the Brothers Johnson took their cover version of Shuggie's sublime "Strawberry Letter 23" to #5 on the US Billboard Pop chart, selling a million copies in the process. The original version appeared on his 1971 album "Freedom Flight", a stunning work that mixed virtuoso electric blues with gentle psychedelic soul/R&B ballads. 1970's "Here Comes Shuggie Otis" saw the guitarist attack a selection of uniquely swampy blues shuffles and Hendrix-styled rockers. Both albums were ahead of their time and sound fresh and vibrant today.
John Otis Jnr., 30 November 1953, Los Angeles, California, USA. A precociously talented guitarist, Otis was encouraged by his dance band father, Johnny Otis, who had him playing bass and lead guitar onstage in his early teens. Johnny Otis featured him on his 1969 Kent album, Cold Shot!, and through that Al Kooper espoused his cause and recorded his debut album for CBS Records. Father and son then both signed to Epic, and Shuggie appeared on his father's albums, Cuttin' Up (1970) and The Johnny Otis Show Live At Monterey! (1971), as well as doing session work for Don "Sugarcane" Harris and playing bass on one track on Frank Zappa's Hot Rats. Four solo albums of indifferent quality were issued by Epic before Otis retired at the grand old age of 22. In the years that followed, he continued to do session work for his father but drug problems hampered his efforts at reviving his own career, although he continued to remain active with a live band. "Strawberry Letter 23', originally featured on 1971"s Freedom Flight, was a big US hit for the Brothers Johnson in 1977.
Shuggie Otis- Organ, Piano, Percussion, Celeste, Harpsichord,
Slide Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Arranger, Bass, Guitar
Harris Singers Robinson- Vocals
Richard MacKay- French Horn
Aynsley Dunbar- Drums
Abe Mills- Drums
Stix Hooper- Drums
Wells Kelly- Drums
Mike Kowalski- Drums
Paul Lagos- Drums
Melvin Moore- Trumpet
Isadore Roman- Violin
Eunice Wennermark- Violin
Stu Woods- Bass
Hank Jernigan- Flute, Saxophone
Joe Lichter- Violin
Irving Lipshultz- Celli
Hyman Gold- Celli
Ginger Smock- Violin
Bob Mitchell- Trumpet
Jim "Supe" Bradshaw- Harmonica, Vocals (Background)
Ray Johnson- Piano
Sherlie Matthews- Vocals (Background)
Clydie King- Vocals (Background)
Venetta Fields- Vocals (Background)
Leon Haywood- Organ
Preston Love- Flute, Saxophone
Marilyn Baker- Viola
Al McKibbon- Bass
Willie Ruff- French Horn
Richard Aplanalp- Flute, Oboe, Sax (Tenor)
Gene "Mighty Flea" Conners- Trombone
Rollice Dale- Viola
Wilton Felder- Bass, Bass (Electric), Harpsichord, Celeste
Jackie Kelso- Flute, Saxophone
Al Kooper- Organ, Piano
George Duke- Organ, Piano (Electric), Celeste
Plas Johnson- Saxophone
Johnny Otis- Percussion, Tympani, Harpsichord, Piano, Vocals (Background), Producer, Celeste,
01.Oxford Gray: Felder, Hooper, Otis, Otis 6:55
02.Jennie Lee: Felder, Otis, Otis 2:11
03.Bootie Cooler: Otis, Otis 2:41
04.Knowing (That You Want Him) Aldrich, Otis 2:31
05.Funky Thithee: Otis, Otis 3:13
06.Shuggie's Boogie: Otis, Otis 5:34
07.Hurricane: Felder, Otis, Otis 2:18
08.Gospel Groove: Otis, Otis 4:15
09.Baby, I Needed You: Otis, Otis 3:43
10.The Hawks: Otis, Otis 2:28
11.Ice Cold Daydream: Otis 2:20
12.Strawberry Letter 23: Otis 3:57
13.Sweet Thang: Otis, Otis 4:11
14.Me and My Woman: Barge, G. Barge 4:16
15.Someone's Always Singing: Kahn, Otis 3:22
16.Purple: Otis 7:07
17.Freedom Flight Otis: 12:57
18.One Room Country Shack [*] Walton 3:35
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