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Sonny ROLLINS - This Is What I Do 2000

Sonny ROLLINS - This Is What I Do 2000
Label: Milestone
Recorded: May 9, 10, July 29, 2000 - New York City

**THIS IS WHAT I DO won the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual Or Group.**


With his nephew, Clifton Anderson, on trombone, Stephen Scott on piano, longtime partner Bob Cranshaw on electric bass, and Perry Wilson and Jack DeJohnette on drums, Sonny Rollins's big sound and genius for thematic improvisation are in full effect on This Is What I Do. "Salvador," a calypso-samba tribute to the Afro-Brazilian city, is a rhythmic ancestor of his celebrated "St. Thomas." The gospel-tinged version of "Sweet Leilani" and his midtempo rendition of "The Moon of Manakoora"--from the films Waikiki Wedding and The Hurricane, respectively--both highlight Rollins's humorous side and his genius for turning corny pop tunes into jazz vehicles. Rollins also salutes dearly departed comrades with the funky "Did You See Harold Vick" and the sanctified stirrings of "Charles M" in honor of Charles Mingus. What tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins has done for the past 50 years is reign as one of jazz's most thrilling improvisers. This is further proof why.
By Eugene Holley Jr. AMG.
This is his best studio recording in years. Other than the presence on Jack DeJohnette on a couple of tracks, this is Sonny's regular working group. Stephen Scott and Clifton Anderson play a few short, pleasant solos, but Sonny dominates the recording from beginning to end. No barnburners, (all of the tunes are medium to medium-slow tempo), but the Sonny's playing is the warm, lyrical, and filled with imagination and humor. Even though a studio recording will probably never match his playing for those of us that have heard him in a club or concert hall, this one comes close.
By John Nicholas.
Sonny Rollins- Tenor Sax;
Clifton Anderson- Trombone;
Stephen Scott- Piano;
Bob Cranshaw- Electric Bass;
Jack DeJohnette- Drums;
Perry Wilson- Drums.
01. Salvador 7:53 Album Only
02. Sweet Leilani 7:01 Album Only
03. Did You See Harold Vick? 9:19 Album Only
04. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 8:06 Album Only
05. Charles M. 10:19 Album Only
06. The Moon Of Manakoora 5:44

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