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Abdullah IBRAHIM (Dollar Brand) - African Magic 2001

Abdullah IBRAHIM (Dollar Brand) - African Magic 2001
Label: Enja / Justin Time
Released: 03/02/2003


This concert,recorded July 13,2001,in Berlin,Germany,is one of Abdullah Ibrahim's greatest record.This extraordinary piano player,also known as Dollar Brand,was born Adolph Johannes Brand in Cape Town,South Africa, 1934.During a trip to Europe,he met Duke Ellington,in the early sixties;Duke was so fascinated by the young african musician that he organized a recording session for the Reprise label ( Duke Ellington presents the Dollar Brand Trio,February 1963;at this time,Frank Sinatra's label,Reprise,had an excellent musical director,a certain...Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington !!!).Then,Dollar became one of the most talented and adventurous jazz piano players,and his music always combined strong jazz and classical influences and the magic of african music.Just like Randy Weston.
Dollar Brand,then Abdullah Ibrahim,recorded several masterpieces: "African piano","anatomy of a south african village","ode to Duke Ellington","Memories","anthem for the new nations","live at Sweet Basil"(with Carlos Ward),an outstanding duet with Gato Barbieri,and recently,"Cape Town revisited".
This sublime concert is build like an Ellingtonian suite;it turns around "Blue bolero",which appears four times during the recital until a fifth one,an extended version,the last tune of the night.There are some of Abdullah's well known tunes,like "Blues for a hip king"(dedicated to King Sobhuza of Swaziland,who died as a very old man some 10 or 15 years ago),"Cape Town flowers","the mountain","Tsakwe";some salutes to Duke Ellington,"Duke 88","in a sentimental mood" and "solitude";a tribute to Trane,"for Coltrane",and even a glance at Kansas City,
with a short excerpt from Bennie Moten's "Moten swing".
Backed by Belden Bullock on bass and Sipho Kunene on drums,Abdullah Ibrahim drives us into his magical world;it seems like the best of both jazz and african music are combined to create one of the most fascinating music ever played.
Within one month,on June 27,I'll be lucky enough to see and hear Abdullah on stage in my town.Lucky because the guy who was supposed to play that night cancelled the date.It was Paul Bley.
Abdullah will replace him.This will be a somptuous evening!!!
Abdullah Ibrahim- (Piano)
Belden Bullocmk- (Bass)
Sipho Kunene- (Drums)
01. Blue Bolero (Fragment 1)    0:26  
02. Third Line Samba    2:54  
03. Blue Bolero (Fragment 2)    0:16  
04. Blues For A Hip King    3:16  
05. District Six    1:51  
06. Tuang Guru    3:58  
07. Blue Bolero (Fragment 3)    0:14  
08. Joan - Cape Town Flower    3:39  
09. Pule    1:39  
10. The Stride    3:11  
11. Thaba Bhosigo    2:22  
12. The Mountain    2:19  
13. Machopi / Jabulani    0:41  
14. Black Lightning    1:09  
15. Duke 88    3:59    $0.89  
16. Solitude    0:16    $0.89  
17. Eleventh Hour    2:40  
18. Blue Bolero (Fragment 4)    0:14  
19. In A Sentimental Mood    2:52  
20. Moten Swing    0:33  
21. For Coltrane    6:13  
22. Whoza Mtwana    2:20  
23. Tsake / Royal Blue    3:20  
24. Blue Bolero    4:01    $0.89

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