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Rabih .Abou-KHALIL, J.Kühn, J.Cagwin - Journey To The Centre Of An Egg 2005

Rabih.Abou-KHALIL, J.Kühn, J.Cagwin - Journey To The Centre Of An Egg 2005
Label: Enja


Cacti, feet, and now ewas with an egg? While the members of his group to pursue their own projects, not the master is idle. For the well-known contemporary ensemble he has composed a piece that included the beginning of next year also by the BBC orchestra. And with his new album, an encounter with pianist Joachim Kuhn (who here also plays alto saxophone), Rabih Abou-Khalil has again put up in unpredictable directions. Bold is a veteran musician exception of the Europe Jazz. Together with Daniel Humair and Jean-FrançFrancois Jenny-Clarke, he formed more than two decades to Jenny-Clark's death, a trio, and he is one of very few pianists who have recorded an album with Ornette Coleman and belong to the quintet. Two mature musicians who are meant for each other, which together grow about their egos out, with a young percussionist who makes a huge leap forward?

The first bars of the same unusual, never been heard: a very dark sound, that you can not even distinguish instruments. Rises up the oud. Shortly after that is all about: short broached Pianosounds move "up" and play the oud, the deep bass lines. In between, the breathing, sighing and somanbul dancing percussion.
Interplay depends: high above it, diving down underneath, mirror each other, with or without displacement, regurgitate juggle with balls, can resonate the jeweilgen Tonraum. At the beginning of Little Camels e.g. "See" anything. We hear only the rhythmic tapping of camel's feet. Suddenly you get the animals targeted: they have long since passed, and almost disappeared in the distance. Early on, the pieces end with a slight question mark. In the center they sometimes come almost to a halt, then to flare unexpectedly. There are elegant essays with  The finish-the Sweet and Sour Milk, that much of a partita by JS Kuhns citizens Bach. But not only Bach, Schubert and others shines through. Something special!
Henning Bolte
Rabih Abou-Khalil- (Oud)
Joachim Kühn (Piano), (Alto Sax)
Jarrod Cagwin (Drums), (Frame Drum)
Wolfgang Reisinger (Drums)
01.Shrewd Woman 3:40
02.Little Camels 2:50
03.Die Brücke 5:51
04.I'm Better Off Without You 11:16
05.Natwasheh and Kadwasheh 13:33
06.Mango 7:31
07.No Plastic Cups, Please 3:21
08.Sweet and Sour Milk 4:20

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