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Max ROACH - Parisian Sketches 1960

Max ROACH - Parisian Sketches 1960
Label: Wea
Audio CD: (February 25, 2003)
Recorded March 1 (#1, 3, 4) and 2 (#2, 5) 1960 in Paris


This is still my favorite of the Jazz in Paris series. Max Roach delivers one of his best peices on this disc, which is the title track, Parisian Sketches, a 17+ minute journey of great hard-bop jazz featuring a pretty underated cast but it still offers a very solid sound. You can always tell a Roach drum solo and theres plenty on this disc. The title track is broken up into 5 parts with each having thier own title and movement. Much like a piece of well orchestrated music. Tracks 2-5 arent as great but they stand out very well and this is the type of jazz Im most fond of. Something you can read to if you want or something you can play during dinner. Its a good mix.
By Mark.
In a profession star-crossed by early deaths -- especially the bebop division -- Max Roach was long a shining survivor, one of the last giants from the birth of bebop. He and Kenny Clarke instigated a revolution in jazz drumming that persisted for decades; instead of the swing approach of spelling out the pulse with the bass drum, Roach shifted the emphasis to the ride cymbal. The result was a lighter, far more flexible texture, giving drummers more freedom to explore the possibilities of their drum kits and drop random "bombs" on the snare drum, while allowing bop virtuosos on the front lines to play at faster speeds. To this base, Roach added sterling qualities of his own -- a ferocious drive, the ability to play a solo with a definite storyline, mixing up pitches and timbres, the deft use of silence, the dexterity to use the brushes as brilliantly as the sticks. He would use cymbals as gongs and play mesmerizing solos on the tom-toms, creating atmosphere as well as keeping the groove pushing forward.
By Richard S. Ginell.

Tommy Turrentine- (Trumpet)
Julian Priester- (Trombone)
Stanley Turrentine- (Tenor Sax)
Bob Boswell- (Bass)
Max Roach- (Drums)
01. Parisian Sketches: The Tower/The Champs/The Caves/The Left … (17:13)
02. Nica (4:48)
03. Petit Déjeuner (4:06)
04. Un Nouveau Complet (3:25)
05. Liberte ((6:25)

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