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Buddy GUY - I Left My Blues In San Francisco 1967 (REPOST)

Buddy GUY - I Left My Blues In San Francisco 1967
Label: Mca
Audio CD (October 25, 1990)


Guy's last Chess album finds him shifting gears to keep up with the scene. His turns on "Keep It to Yourself," "Crazy Love," "When My Left Eye Jumps," "Leave My Girl Alone," and "I Suffer With the Blues" are some examples of this mercurial guitarist at his explosive best. The rest of the album is filled with groovy, soul-styled workouts; some of them succeed and some sound a bit dated, but overall this is one of Buddy's stronger efforts.
By Cub Koda, AMG.
A classic recording by one of Chicago blues' finest living legends, Left My Blues in San Francisco consists of 11 smoking tracks, featuring Buddy Guy's matchless guitar work and equally distinctive vocals. This recording is for people who like their blues straight up; like whiskey, it burns all the way through. Included are some of Guy's classic original songs, such as "She Suits Me to a Tee" and "I Suffer with the Blues," as well as excellent performances of "Buddy's Groove," "Keep It to Yourself," and "Goin' Home." All of this material can also be found on the Complete Chess Studio Recordings collection, but if you're new to Buddy Guy, Left My Blues in San Francisco is an excellent place to start. By Genevieve Williams. AMG.
Gene Barge- Sax (Tenor), Producer, Orchestration
Lefty Bates- Guitar
Milton Bland- Sax (Tenor)
Reggie Boyd- Bass
Greg Fulginiti- Mastering
Jarrett Gibson- Sax (Tenor) 
Buddy Guy- Guitar, Vocals
Lafayette Leake- Organ
Abe Locke- Sax (Tenor)
Jack Meyers- Bass
Matt "Guitar" Murphy- Guitar  
A.C. Reed- Sax (Tenor)
Charles Stepney- Drums, Orchestration
Leroy Stewart- Bass
Phil Thomas- Drums
Sonny Turner- Trumpet
Phil Upchurch- Bass
Murray Watson- Trumpet
01. Keep It To Myself 2:35
02. Crazy Love 2:25
03. I Suffer With The Blues 2:48
04. When My Left Eye Jumps 3:57
05. Buddy's Groove 3:47
06. Goin' Home 2:42
07. She Suits Me To A Tee 2:17
08. Leave My Girl Alone 3:29
09. Too Many Ways 2:17
10. Mother-In-Law Blues 2:46
11. Every Girl I See 3:40

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