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Jay McSHANN - Going To Kansas City 1972

Jay McSHANN - Going To Kansas City 1972
Label: New World Records (Originally released: MJR)
Recorded at National Recording Studios, New York City on March 6, 1972
Audio CD: (June 18, 1992)


Recorded originally for MJR in 1972, this is one of Jay McShann's best albums. Tune selection is excellent, and Buddy Tate and Julian Dash, two very robust tenor players, are terrific.
DOGGIN' AROUND starts things off in a swinging manner. A major highlight is McShann's HOOTIE'S IGNORANT OIL, a 12-bar blues, again taken up tempo, with real hot playing; Gus Johnson's playing of the center ring of his cymbal is very effective. Buddy Tate plays clarinet briefly on BLUE & SENTIMENTAL, too briefly - he has a very warm clarinet sound. 'FORE DAY RIDER is a slow blues with McShann singing the vocal as usual - he's recorded this tune many times; it's one of his best.
This is a most impressive CD. McShann enthusiasts will love it, although anyone with a liking for small-group, blues-inflected swing won't go wrong with this CD, either.
By  Bomojaz.
This set, originally put out on Master Jazz and the Australian Swaggie label, features pianist Jay McShann at the peak of his powers. Teamed up with a couple of fine swing tenors (Buddy Tate, who doubles on clarinet, and Julian Dash), bassist Gene Ramey and drummer Gus Johnson, McShann romps through some forgotten numbers from the book of his 1940s big band ("Say Forward, I'll March" and "Four Day Rider"), a few Count Basie-associated tunes, and a couple of basic originals, taking two bluesy vocals. The set gives listeners a strong sampling of Jay McShann's accessible and swinging music.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
Jay McShann (piano, vocals),
Buddy Tate (tenor saxophone, clarinet),
Julian Dash (tenor saxophone),
Gene Ramey (bass),
Gus Johnson (drums).
01. Doggin' Around 6:11
02. Hootie's Ignorant Oil 4:30
03. Blue and Sentimental 6:29
04. Hootie's in Hutchinson 6:10
05. Say Forward, I'll March 4:44
06. Four Day Rider 4:04
07. Moten Swing 6:28

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