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Larry GARNER - Embarrassment To The Blues? Live In Europe 2002

Larry GARNER - Embarrassment To The Blues? Live In Europe 2002
Label: Ruff


The singer/songwriter that has all the honesty and power of the blues is back live with his third CD for Ruf. The two time W.C. Handy nominee musician, poet, storyteller has been thrilling people for years in Europe with his playful stories. The Baton Rouge guitarist brings his swamp blues tradition with current subjects and problems of everyday life to the people all over the world.
Whoever makes a concert with Garner has experienced can be a fine "gleanings" hold for all other just a first impression and maybe a kick, one of the next and possible concerts to attend.
Garner is not only a musician, he is also a storyteller (and also has a long tradition in the blues), as well nachzuhören here.
Again and again he gives "Everyday Wisdom" at best, this and his lyrics are "on the pulse of time", current events, what the people moving, it is processed.
And although his music in the tradition of Louisiana and Chicagoblues roots, he has not sealed the present, he is not a recurring pattern in the sense of many classical pieces of the Blues: the best there.  No, rather he only own composition, namely:
Blues for the 21st century, then, overgrown with the tradition, a successful combination.
Garner's music is not only full of blues, soul and even did a few elements of pop music may be found here. (vgl. „Somebody“. (see "Somebody".
But "genuine" Blues in the style of the Louisiana Swamp Blues a la Silas Hogan is the wonderful "Born to sing the Blues", with the Austrians Dozzler at the Harp.
Dozzler is, moreover, a keyboardist, as hardly any other Europeans, the blues of the south of the USA in his game has absorbed. I could at a concert with enthusiasm to convince, by the way it was precisely in this occupation.
Of the pieces I think another highlight, the elegant and somehow very "friendly" sounding "Where the blues turn black." (Was somehow "Hitcharakter")
Its very relaxed way to play without having to be loud and powerful boom, Garner shows in the fantastic "Keep on playing the blues," excellent, as the slack off, and this really good drummer Blue Trahan, who sent me here on the occasion of the concert also already noticed was very pleasant, beautiful, relaxed and swinging like he plays.
Also - a great team here with the Garner occurs.
"The blues is not nothing but the life's ups and downs that is the message on the same piece, which brings Garner with powerfully sympathetic voice-over ...
The 1952 in New Orleans-born Garner still belongs to the "younger" of the Blue scene.
Larry Garner- Vocals, guitar
Christian Dozzler- Vocals, harmonica, keyboards
Michael Vann Merwyk- Slide guitar
Miguel Hernandez- Bass
Stoney Trahan- Drums
01. Dreaming Again 4:20
02. Had to Quit Drinking 6:17
03. Born to Sang the Blues 10:31
04. Somebody 7:57
05. Larryism 1&2 1:58
06. Where the Blues Turn Back 6:03
07. Larryism 3&4 1:41
08. Blues Ain't Nothing 12:18
09. Keep on Playing the Blues 11:52
10. The Haves and the Have Nots 8:28

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