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Art PEPPER - Straight Life 1953-1954

Art PEPPER - Straight Life 1953-1954
(The Savoy Sessions)
Recording Date 1952-1953
Savoy Sessions includes two different sessions:
One, from 1952, with The Art Pepper Quartet and
The other, from 1953, with The Art Pepper Quintet.
Audio Cd: 1984


This double-LP reissues two of altoist Art Pepper's earliest studio dates as a leader. On four songs he is joined by pianist Russ Freeman, bassist Bob Whitlock and drummer Bobby White, a quiet trio that allows Pepper to dominate such songs as "Everything Happens to Me" and "Tickle Toe." In addition, Pepper matches harmonies and wits with tenor saxophonist Jack Montrose (along with pianist Claude Williamson, bassist Monty Budwig and drummer Larry Bunker) on eight exuberant numbers including the earliest recording of Art's famous "Straight Life." But that is not all, for the second of these two LPs contains previously unissued alternate takes of all but one of the 11 pieces. Because Pepper and Montrose were in very good form during the performances, they are well worth hearing twice. In fact, a slightly later LP (titled Rediscoveries) would add 14 more versions to the legacy of these two exciting sessions. This highly enjoyable music has unfortunately only been reissued on CD thus far in random fashion.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Art Pepper Quartet (Los Angeles, CA, October 8, 1952) (2, 4, 5, 6)
Art Pepper- (Alto Sax)
Russ Freeman- (Piano)
Bob Whitlock- (Bass)
Bobby White- (Drums)

Art Pepper Quintet (Los Angeles, CA, August 25, 1953) (1, 3, 7-13)
Art Pepper (Alto Sax)
Jack Montrose (Teno Sax)
Claude Williamson (Piano)
Monty Budwig (Bass)
Paul Ballerina (Drums) (3, 7, 8, 9)
Larry Bunker (Drums) (1, 10, 11, 12, 13)
01. Straight Life 3:09
02. Chili Pepper 2:59
03. Cinnamon 3:09
04. Tickle Toe 3:59
05. Suzy The Poodle3:09
06. Everything Happens to Me 3:13
07. Nutmeg 2:52
08. Deep Purple 3:13
09. Whats New 3:48
10. Thyme Time 3:29
11. Arts Oregano 2:53
12. The Way You Look Tonight 3:28
13. Straight Life 2:54


  1. Thanks for the Art Pepper - Striaght Life at a decent bitrate! Cheers!