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Clifford BROWN & Max ROACH - Clifford Brown & Max Roach 1954-55

Clifford BROWN and Max ROACH - Clifford Brown and Max Roach  1954-55 
Label: EmArcy / Polygram
Audio CD: (February 29, 2000)
Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California on August 2, 3 & 6, 1954
And at Capitol Studios, New York, New York on February 24, 1955.


Clifford Brown's story is a breath of fresh air in jazz. When it seems that so many musicians got bogged down with drugs and booze, etc. you have Clifford Brown as the example that one doesn't have to be tortured, or a victim or addict to be a great artist. His music is so positive. This album is great and no serious jazz collection should be without it, same with Study in Brown, w/ Sarah Vaughn, with Strings. I would put Brownie up against ANY jazz trumpeter. He was that good. The tragedy is that his life was so short. He died, along with his pianist Richie Powell, in a a car wreck when he was just 25. Many people say, "Had he lived longer ...." It's true, I certainly wish he were still around. However, he is, to me, the greatest jazz trumpeter and a real hero not because of his short life or "what could've been" but because of what he did. Listen to Joyspring and Daahoud and see what I mean. Enjoy Brownie, and enjoy life! God is good!
By Christoph K. Bennett.
Brilliant work by the team of Clifford Brown and Max Roach  a seminal hardbop album that was one of the few to bridge the east and west coast scenes! The set was recorded in LA under the joint leadership of Brown and Roach  and features the classic quintet lineup that included Harold Land on tenor, Richie Powell (Bud's brother!) on piano, and George Morrow on bass. The mix of Roach's heavy full-on drumming and Brown's lyrical beauty is beyond compare  and Land's angular and sensitive tenor lines provide a perfect link between the two. Titles include classics like "Parisian Thoroughfare", "The Blues Walk", "Daahoud", "Jordu", and "Joy Spring".
From Dusty Groove.
The pairing of trumpeter Clifford Brown and pioneering jazz drummer Max Roach on this 1955 release was a momentous one; theirs was a fruitful partnership ended by Brown's untimely death in '56. At a time when much of the jazz audience was looking toward the sounds of cool jazz, Brown and Roach reminded everyone that there was still plenty of life left in bebop. Roach's exploratory, colorful, masterfully swinging approach proves to be the perfect companion to Brown's dexterous, inventive trumpet work. The darting piano fills of Richie Powell and the vivid, fulsome sax lines of Harold Land fill out the picture, and the whole group matches a searching spirit with a lovingly bluesy warmth every step of the way.
From CD Universe.
Clifford Brown- Trumpet
Max Roach- Drums
Harold Land- Tenor Sax
Richie Powell- Piano
George Morrow- Bass
01. Delilah  8:06
02. Parisian Thoroughfare  7:18
03. Daahoud n 4:05
04. Joy Spring  6:50
05. Jordu  7:50
06. The Blues Walk  6:47
07. What Am I Here For?  3:11
08. These Foolish Things  3:48
09. The Blues Walk  6:54
10. Daahoud  4:09   
11. Joy Spring  6:44

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