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Champion Jack DUPREE - His Blues Band featuring Mickey Baker 1967 (REPOST)

Champion Jack DUPREE - His Blues Band featuring Mickey Baker 1967
Label: Decca
Audio Cd: 1989


Producer Mike Vernon brought the veteran barrel-house blues piano player Dupree to London to record with the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayall and Mickey Baker These albums date from 1966 and 1967. Originally released on the Decca record label, they are a fascinating part of the British blues boom of the late 60´s... Remastered from original master tapes CD slipcase and new sleevenotes.
Dupree's playing is almost all straight blues and boogie woogie, with no ballads or pop songs, not even blues ballads. He was not a sophisticated musician or singer, but he had a wry and clever way with words: "Mama, move your false teeth, papa wanna scratch your gums." He sometimes sang as if he had a cleft palate and even recorded under the name Harelip Jack Dupree. This was an artistic conceit, as Dupree had excellent, clear articulation, particularly for a blues singer.
They released one album in 1967 under the name 'Champion Jack Dupree & his Blues Band featuring Mickey Baker' Champion Jack Dupree & his Blues Band Featuring Mickey Baker and one compilation in 1969 under the name 'Champion Jack Dupree & Mickey 'Guitar' Baker' Jack and Mickey in Heavy Blues. All songs were recorded in London, April 4/5, 1967, and were produced by Mike Vernon. Mickey 'Guitar' Baker's birth name is McHouston Baker.
Champion Jack Dupree- (Piano and Vocals)
Mickey Baker- (Guitar, Tambourine and Vocals) on 1,3,4,6,13
John Baldwin- (Bass Guitar)
Ronnie Verrell- (Drums)
Albert Hall- (Trumpet)
Rex Morris- (Tenor Saxophone)
Bob Efford- (Tenor Saxophone)
Harry Klein- (Baritone Saxophone) on 1,9
Mike Vernon- (Whistle) on 1
01. Barrelhouse Woman 2:05
02. Louise 3:08
03. One Dirty Woman 2:26
04. When Things Go Wrong 2:41
05. Cut Down On My Overheads 3:03
06. Troubles 4:39
07. Tee-Nah-Nah 2:05
08. Caldonia 2:26
09. Under Your Hood 2:40
10. Come Back Baby 3:04
11. Baby Let Me Go With You 1:46
12. Garbage Man 3:45
13. I Feel Like A Millionaire 2:47
14. Right Now 3:25
15. Georgiana 3:15
16. Shake, Baby, Shake 2:21

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