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Buddy GUY - This Is Buddy Guy, Live 1968

Buddy GUY - This Is Buddy Guy, Live 1968
Label: Vanguard
Audio CD: (July 17, 1989)
Recorded at New Orleans House, Berkeley, California.


After accurately documenting Buddy Guy's talent on the great A Man & the Blues, producer Samuel Charters set out to prove that the Chicago legend was also one of the music's best live entertainers. This album's not only packed with fanciful guitar solos and fervent singing, it shows Guy's full range as an artist. His powerful testifying on "Fever" and "Knock On Wood" nail his credentials as a soul singer. "I Had a Dream Last Night" captures the sensitivity and emotional depth of his blues. And the charging "I Got My Eyes On You" nips at Jimi Hendrix's boots as it reveals Guy as a source of sonic inspiration to that Voodoo Chile.
By Ted Drozdowski. AMG.
Buddy Guy- Vocals, Guitar
Tim Kahaitsu- Guitar
A.C. Reed, Bobby Fields- Tenor Sax
Leslie Crawford- Baritone Sax)
Norman Spiller, George Alexander- Trumpet
Jack Meyers- Bass
Glenway McTeer- Drums
01. 24 Hours Of The Day  2:53
02. Fever 6:42
03. I Got My Eyes On You 4:00
04. I Had A Dream Last Night 6:14
05. I'm Not The Best 7:05
06. Knock On Wood 4:50
07. The Things I Used to Do 3:33
08. You Were Wong 4:47

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